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NytroX86 28 November 2002 20:07

Amiga Monitors
I am seeing lots of different monitors going on eBay, and I'm thinking about swooping for one if I see it cheap. At the moment I use my CD32 and A600 with a 14" Sony Trinitron TV (Trinitron = Quality) and Composite Video cable. I am hoping you guys can tell me about the diffferent models and what is the minimum I would need to see an improvement over my current picture.
I don't really understand any of the technical aspects of monitors, like multisync or interlace, but I do understand DPI, resolutions and the frequencies. All I'm really looking for is the basic categories or types of Amiga monitors rather than specific models. I wouldn't complain about being directed to a website or another post if it can explain the basics.

Overdoc 28 November 2002 23:20

Ok, basically there are 2 types of Amiga monitors:

1) The 'normal' Amiga monitors which are well suited for older Amigas like A-500 and A-2000 without grafik card, which will always display a 50Hz ( PAL ) or 60Hz ( for NTSC ) picture.

2) The multisync monitors that will allow higher resolutions on AGA machines or machines with grafic card. These are good if you use an A-1200 or 4000 and can switch to higher frequencies if the Amiga is using a screenmode with higher frequency.

But you can even use a type 1) monitor with an A-1200 or 4000 if you are just playing games, because even AGA games will not use the higher screen resolutions and therefore the A-500 monitor will be ok. Only in case you want to play very new games with grafic card support, or if you are doing serious stuff with your Amiga, then you will need a multisync.

Ok, since I think you are planning to use the monitor for your CD-32, a 'normal' type 1) monitor will be enough. You can play every CD-32 game on it :)

I would suggest a C= 1084-S or a Philips CM-8833-II. These 2 have a very sharp display and stereo audio !
The 1084 ( without 'S') is the same as the 1084-S but is mono only. The Philips CM-8833 is also rather good, I think, but stay away from the CM-8802 as at least the one I had had a blurry picture.
If you want a multisync then I would look out for a C= 1960 or 1942 or a NEC multisync 3D. I think also the Microvitek 1438 is a multisync monitor and I have heard it should be quite good.

Hope this helps a bit ;)

Mr Creosote 28 November 2002 23:31

I have a M1438S ("S" for stereo speakers, the M1438 is the same with mono), a multisync with very good and sharp picture displaying all screen modes fine.

NytroX86 29 November 2002 13:04

Thanks guys. I think I've seen these monitors going on eBay, definately the Phillips CM-8833 and the C= 1084 anyway, I think I saw some C= 1942 ones not to long ago as well. I'm not so worried about the Stereo speakers personally, I've got a Hi-Fi to rig my machines up to :D , but thanks for clarifying what the S means.

Shadowfire 29 November 2002 16:11

The 1942, if I'm not mistaken, only supports composite video and chroma/luma video. No RGB input.

Overdoc 30 November 2002 17:21

Hmm, I don't think so because I know someone who hs his Amiga hooked up to a 1942. Maybe you mean the 1702, 1802 or 1901, which indeed are crhoma/luma & composite only ?

But I also forgot to mention 2 monitors similar to the 1084:
the 1080 and the 1985.

The 1080 is the same as a 1084 afaik, but in a A-1000 like case.
The 1985 on the other hand is a Amiga-only monitor ( RGB only, no composite or chroma/luma input ) and has a higher dot-pitch which means the picture isn't as sharp as on a 1084.

Shadowfire 01 December 2002 03:27

Ah you're right, I was thinking of the 1702, my bad.

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