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Warty 21 December 2020 16:21

Can't click on Checkbox Gadgets in Installer?
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I can't click on checkboxes in any installer. Radio buttons, regular buttons: no problem. I don't know if this is a UAE thing or something weird with my OS?

I've tried downloading / installing the installer a few different times, so I don't think it's that the installer is corrupted somehow. Also, it definitely affects every installer script I've run in past 6 months. I often just open the script in a text editor and manually move the files around. Obviously, this is a pretty painful workaround.

Attachment 70026

I don't think I have ever had this in my real Amigas, but all are currently in boxes or disassembled.

FS-UAE (launcher) 3.0.5
kind of amiga emulated: doesn't seem to matter
OS: 3.1, 3.1.4
Installer version: 43.3
Installer scripts affected: as far as I can tell, anything that has checkboxes
RTG/OCS: affects both
MUI: not installed

Minuous 21 December 2020 16:36

That's an obsolete version of the Installer so it would not surprise me if it had bugs.

Warty 21 December 2020 17:53

Found the 44.10 version, same results.

daxb 21 December 2020 19:06

Can't you select any buttons or is the button just invisible (grey background/foreground)? I have the same here on my system but that is caused by custom colour settings if I remember right. I swapped pen 0 and 1 and did some VisualPrefs hacking. I.e. I can click on the button but I don't know if it is enabled or disabled. :)

Warty 21 December 2020 21:24

ah! That was it, thanks!

The checkmarks were there all along, but were rendering in same color as the background.

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