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amigang 19 December 2020 14:22

Workbook and Aros Kickstart Roms
Just wonder where can I download them and is there been any more work on them? I Found this

Plus I know WinUAE come with Aros Kickstart Rom
( aros-20181209 )

But is that the latest version? Plus is there something like
Aros Rom 1.3 that designed for just replacement/replica of the Kickstart 1.3 setup/system ie A500 / A1000 uses
Aros Rom 3.0 for AGA machine replacement / replica ie A1200 / A4000
Aros Rom 4.x for things like Vampire etc

If this is a thing then let me know because I have been looking but there not much about this and again same for Aros 68K OS

Workbook 1.3 that designed for just replacement/replica of Workbench 1.3 thats just one one disk like 1.3 was.
Workbook 3.1 = Workbench 3.1
Workbook 4.X = Vampire / CoffineOS / AFA Etc....

thomas 19 December 2020 16:38


amigang 10 January 2021 17:45

Thank for the feed back, but it not quite what Im after, is there like a base version of Workbook designed for 1.3 or 3.0 replacement OS?

I notice on Internet Archive used Aros and Workbook 1.0, the download I tried above, just boot into a shell cmd.


AMIGASYSTEM 10 January 2021 23:15

The Workbook is a minimal system installed both on AROS 68k and AROS x86, to start it you just have to modify the Startup-sequence, in fact you have to disable the Wanderer boot and instead use the famous LoadWB.

Regarding the Rom, the WinUAE ones are not up to date, the ROMs are updated every so often and to avoid mistakes you have to use the ones included in all the Nightly Builds or Distributions!

To learn more about Workbook read HERE

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