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yadster 08 December 2003 21:27

scum on Ebay
Is this taking the proverbial p*ss or what.


CodyJarrett 08 December 2003 21:38

He's obviously just recently read the Edge Retro issue bit about Moonstone and put his crack on eBay knowing that some people who have also read the issue will then search for the game in online auctions.

fiath 08 December 2003 21:41

LOL! :laughing


Location: Medway/Kent
United Kingdom
Since this place is an absolute HOLE I can say that Cody is almost certainly 100% correct.

Akira 08 December 2003 22:44

What a fucking asshoile. Where is the REPORT AUCTION button? Can't find it!

RetroMan 08 December 2003 23:30

It´s allready an "INVALID ITEM" ;) :great

vertigo 09 December 2003 00:45

I did mention this at the other Moonstone thread slightly earlier :)


It is bad thou, jeez I dont know, what next 2241 Amiga games on 5 CDs...

oops! its here.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...&category=3545

Wonders if theres anything rare?


jmmijo 09 December 2003 01:11

Didn't you know, everything with the name Amiga is considered rare :rolleyes

Marlon 09 December 2003 01:30

"Amiga disks to be played on the original CONSOLE itself"

At least the seller has an obvious affection and knowledge of the product he's selling. ;)

fisken uno 09 December 2003 01:34


With the right setup and software these files can be written to Amiga disks to be played on the original console itself
I had no idea the Amiga was a console, but perhaps they were referring to the CD32? 2241 games for the CD32 perhaps?


NOTE: This is totally LEGAL as all these game roms can be freely downloading from various dedicated Amiga sites, this just saves you the time!
That doesn't make it legal, jerk! :mad

vertigo 09 December 2003 02:13

Maybe he would like to buy Moonstone to make it 2242 games on 5 CDs, I noticed in his list there are no "M" games.


jmmijo 09 December 2003 04:41

So I wonder how many of them are PD titles ;)

Also is Dragons Breath in this so-called collection :confused

Akira 09 December 2003 15:52


Originally posted by RetroMan
It´s allready an "INVALID ITEM" ;) :great
Seems like reporting it worked ;)

This jackass even had the nerve to call it Amiga game ROMS!!!!!!!

I'll keep looking for this stuff an reporting like hell ;P How can someone be such a piece fof shit as to charge 10 quid for copying a game?

Dizzy 09 December 2003 15:59

I totally agree with Akira, I also send Ebay a mail about this auction, jerk like him should be drop of a plane with no parachute.

Antiriad 09 December 2003 20:22

seen that guys feedback? 8 negs in a month or so

says it all really. twat :p

Akira 10 December 2003 00:40

Worst than the 8 negs is the lame excuse he put as a reply. Someone stole his account at his home? blah! lamer.

Unknown_K 11 December 2003 22:25

Did you guys notice Centsible Software has a new account on ebay selling amiga stuff (0 feedback)


Wonder how back their last account got with negative feedback.

tin 15 December 2003 17:49



click on their "current auctions" link.... webmaster not exactly up to speed with events eh?
:D :D

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