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Anakirob 19 April 2017 17:54

System Of Sound: Indie games publisher for Amiga, C64, ST, MSX, etc. [now hiring]
System Of Sound is a publishing house idea I have had knocking around in my head for some time.

You may have noticed a Captive Rouge-like thread started by me, this is just one of our intended projects alongside our indie gaming magazine The Power Magazine which can be found in the news section here or by typing "The Power Magazine SteamOS" into Google :).

Anyway apart from that more "pie-in-the-sky" project which will honestly be ST first and Amiga second with a possible hired guns themed version with the plot-line that in the future human and android limbs, even AI and DNA brains may be interchangeable. This project would of course be pending approval from at least a couple of different people like Tony Crawther for one.

Anyway I have made a decent AHX cover tribute version of Invaders Must Die which seems to be different enough from the original that The Prodigy have not made any attempt to take it down despite being made aware via no less than three official channels that it exists and I intend to use it in a space invaders remake called IMD 020 (guess what IMD stands for:) which would use Blitz 2.1 text mode and Sprites and possibly some copper effects for classic Amiga if it does not crash or look ugly on OS 4, as the idea would be to make it OS friendly as possible for a full screen shooter.

It is perfectly possible for a stock A1200 to animate a full screen of image data using Print and Nprint. I seem to recall I could have 256 moving objects on a 16 colour screen running at 25fps with the full Blitz 2 debugger on an A1200 with no fast memory. Although I did have to skip at least one frame and many of the objects could only occupy one line. But a scatter shot where all the bullets are on the same line and kills anything it overwrites is easy to do.

Anakirob 19 April 2017 20:22

Some of the planned content for our coverdisk series for free ADF download and 2 Euro / USD or AUD for floppy or +$1.25 AUD` with a paper magazine and below cost price for subscribers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QaDMcEesfA around 80KB +8KB ascii art text file
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hil2ocBBsyI More or less the same size as the original MOD
https://youtu.be/SyqXUD6nI1Q Invaders Must Die AHX <4KB
and possibly most current RedPill with some assets by Disasterarea, Veezya or even R3D if it'll fit.
so there's still plenty of room for games, demos and game demos :)

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