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Retroplay 14 September 2011 13:25

Retroplay's WHD uploads
All installs now available here:

Host: grandis.nu
Port: 21
Username: ftp
Password: any password will do

All JST, HDLoader and WHDLoad installs can also be downloaded from my stash.
Right here.

Games with slave errors:
-= NA =-

Magazines with slave errors:
Exit 5 v1.0 - "Illegal instruction ($10)", bug report already filed at MantisBT

Compatible disk images needed:
None at the moment

Dats for Clrmame & RomVault moved to my folder on the FTP.
Clrmame Pro - Rom manager for Windows
RomVault - Rom manager for Linux & Windows.
JRomManager - Rom manager for Mac, Linux & Windows

Short video of Clrmame, to give you the basic idea of how it works.

Bamiga2002 14 September 2011 13:49

Rock'n roll! :)
But would it make sense to sort games/demos by date added? So one can instantly know what's new and get it without going through the whole list...

Retroplay 14 September 2011 14:05

Better ? :)

DH 14 September 2011 14:10

Actually, I think the year and the month will suffice and, imho, would be easier to follow too, but let's wait and see how Bamiga2002 and yourself thinks.

Bamiga2002 14 September 2011 14:17

Way better thanks :-)
Me, myself and I are happy with current sorting.

solamnic 29 September 2011 12:42

Thanks a lot for the updates :)

Keep it up m8 ...

S0ulA55a551n 29 September 2011 13:48


Are these Tupac inspired demos by any chance ?

Clark Kent 14 October 2011 19:47

Do you have a complete list in text form of all your updates?

Retroplay 14 October 2011 20:22

Txt file attached to first post. :)

Clark Kent 14 October 2011 22:37

Thanx! :)

And it's great that someone continues KG's great work! :)

brolly 20 October 2011 09:44

Retroplay, you're still missing proper images for Mean Machine v1.2 and UN Squadron (German) v1.2 right? Maybe you could add that info to the first post so everyone can see you need them and hopefully someone can help you getting those sooner or later.

Retroplay 21 October 2011 15:24

Thanks for reminding me about that brolly.

All updates are now online at Magix FTP, details added to first post.
Thanks for the uploader account Magix. :great

dlfrsilver 22 October 2011 00:36

I have upped as proposed The games winter edition from my original disks in the zone whdload installed :D

Have fun :)

Retroplay 22 October 2011 00:55

Thanks Denis. :great

HOL2001 22 October 2011 17:08

Have this ones already put onto the EAB Server?


I can't find them there. :(

Retroplay 22 October 2011 17:12

They are on Magix FTP, info is in first post.

HOL2001 24 October 2011 09:20


Originally Posted by Retroplay (Post 781728)
They are on Magix FTP, info is in first post.

Ohh, thanks! I should better read more carefully before asking dumb questions... :rolleyes

Bamiga2002 24 October 2011 16:40

Thanks again for updates! :)

clownstyle 30 October 2011 08:20

Hi all

Great work here but I cannot seem to connect to the FTP.. All I can see is a pub folder that is empty.

Can someone link me to the whdload set? I have looked at the whdownloads site but they dont seem to have the new additions (Gloomcd32 is what im after)

Thank you :)

HOL2001 30 October 2011 10:36

Confirmed! Just only can see an empty folder...

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