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Zapotek 15 November 2016 06:46

Keycaps for Amiga - kickstarter

Come on folks!
I want the Norwegian layout so it has to reach $115 SGD.

Romanujan 15 November 2016 07:31

I want the cases delivered first :)

amenophis 15 November 2016 07:46

KS Campaign: New Compatible Keycaps for all Amiga Classic keyboards

Dear Amigans,

The Team and I are honored to announce our next KS campaign after the previous one for the A1200 cases has been launched yesterday afternoon.

We've been waiting for cases mass production to start so that we could unveil what we were working on for quite some time now!

I also would like to share my personal thanks here to some key people who helped a lot to bring this new campaign alive and make it possible:
- Bill/Josh/Marcel/Feub/Kay/Sekea/Henrik/Grace/Gwen/Eric/Marc/Charlie/Paul/Angela/Jerry/Marvin/Seppo/Ramon/Allister/Lukhash/Oliver (x2) Etc...

There is so many awesome ppl out there who love the Amiga and the retro scene! Kudo guys!

The Campaign Link

Please note:
Campaign currency is SGD (Singapore Dollars)
- $1 SGD ≈ $0.71 USD
- $1 SGD ≈ €0.66

I live & work in SG.
Previous campaign was held by me and Friends in France while i had extended vacations there. That's explain why it was in € previously.

Campaign informations:
This new campaign has been tough to set up due to the fact that it is necessary to create specific keycaps molds.
And for this fullset we need 18 of them (as much as profiles)

Have a look at Fullset details:
  • Each Sets contains 108x keycaps
  • Sets are compatible with ISO & ANSI Keyboards
  • Compatible with A500/A600/A1200/A2000/A3000/A4000/CDTV keyboards. Incompatible with A1000.
  • Keycaps are compatible with Mitsumi Hybrid Switches only.
  • Each Sets contains 100x Springs.
  • Sets also contains 16x replacement plastic clips
  • Regular color sets available to match New case colors
  • Special Edition color sets available to match SE case colors.
    These Sets are limited to the campaign and have been designed by our partners.
  • Several Keyboards Layout are available. (No Klingon yet...)

A simulator has been set up on A1200.NET website:
Keycaps & Cases Color Matching SIMULATOR

Galleries with Regular colors and Special Edition keycaps is available:

Thank you for your support on both campaigns.
This community is awesome and YOU are the ppl who are making Amiga great again!It is because of you that we now have new A1200 cases.
And the team and I do have several other following plans to bring alive again what a lot of people thought were dead http://www.amibay.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif




DopPie 15 November 2016 08:55

Well, its a quite a bit of money for a bunch of keys. But I decided to back it. I'm backer 166 whoohoo.. Hope they make it as my keys are ugly yellow. And waiting for the cases too but I was not a backer of that one (lack of funds) so I'll have to wait for amigastore to stock them.

I'm sure it will reach far enough for the Norwegian layout.

demolition 15 November 2016 09:34

Will they offer sets in sun-tan yellow color? :)

I could use a couple of sets but the price is a bit high (being shipped from outside EU doesn't help either) so I am not sure I would back it unless I was sure I could get a Danish layout..

Mr.Flibble 15 November 2016 09:55

Already backed, yep, it's expensive, but where else can you get new keys from?

idrougge 15 November 2016 10:03

Still no keyboard, just keycaps.

demolition 15 November 2016 10:16

Well, seeing as they do not take your money until is is successfully funded I went ahead and pledged for some sets, hoping that the DK layout will become available. It seems to take off rather quickly though so it seems very likely that it will reach the various stretch goals.

idrougge 15 November 2016 13:04

It wouldn't hurt if they threw in a few extra alt and Amiga keys, since they tend to run away first of all.

Signman 15 November 2016 14:36

Why can't we just pretend the yellowing is the original color?

demolition 15 November 2016 14:41

Some people prefer it yellow - they call it 'patina'.

DopPie 15 November 2016 20:19


Originally Posted by Signman (Post 1122657)
Why can't we just pretend the yellowing is the original color?

Because it looks too much like someone took a piss all over the computer.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn XT1572 met Tapatalk

Signman 15 November 2016 20:30

Looks what happens to copper.

prowler 15 November 2016 22:06


Originally Posted by amenophis (Post 1122606)

Your thread has been merged with this earlier one.

eXeler0 15 November 2016 23:31

Backed (for matching keys to my SE case)... + I need another set for a custom painted A500..
but.. I wonder.. why are the "standard colored" cases same color for all keys. The distinctive look of most popular Amiga keyboards always was the two-toned color scheme with F-keys, Shift, Ctrl, Enter etc.. with a darker tone than the standard keys.

Did it look weird on the colored cases or is it simply too expensive / to much hassle to do all these additional combinations (I realize its a hell of a lot of possible combos once you start mixing different languages etc..)

Edit: "Standard colored" meaning non-special edition color options.

idrougge 15 November 2016 23:35

Don't you mean "non-stand coloured"?

NovaCoder 15 November 2016 23:48

I think the keys look nice but seem very expensive :(

Also (for the lazy people) there should be an option to buy a whole working keyboard rather than swap all those keys.

The special edition color sets should just be an option that anyone can order (for a premium), they would look cool with a standard black case.

eXeler0 16 November 2016 00:59


Originally Posted by NovaCoder (Post 1122737)
I think the keys look nice but seem very expensive :(

Also (for the lazy people) there should be an option to buy a whole working keyboard rather than swap all those keys.

My price for a SE set+shipping cost is ~€95 which in the real world outside Amigaland buys you a fairly premium complete keyboard.. but, we all know the circumstances here.. ;-)

Regarding the lazy-man solution keyboard.. They's need to scout potentially hundreds of second hand but working Amiga keyboards, and also, decide which model to find.. A500, A1200, big box amigas etc..
And then do they give you a warranty on that used keyboard etc..?
Not gonna happen, Im afraid. Although worry not, swapping keys is easier than you might think.. you can do it in 15 mins easy.. I've done it a couple of times ;-)

@idrougge.. I edited previous post with clarification. It was not the best choice of words, but in short, I meant "standard color options as opposed to Special Edition color options".

idrougge 16 November 2016 02:01

All photos of the standard keys I see are two-toned. White for alphanumerics and grey for control keys.

Marlon_ 16 November 2016 02:44


Originally Posted by idrougge (Post 1122756)
All photos of the standard keys I see are two-toned. White for alphanumerics and grey for control keys.

There are three types of keys, the standard tier (white+gray), standard tier colored (all keys the same color) and SE tier (colored, but different color on control keys).

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