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StarEye 17 February 2004 18:51

On The Ball League Edition AGA , Player Manager 2
Yeah, those are two games I hope to see a whdload install of someday.

Galahad/FLT 17 February 2004 21:38

Player Manager 2
Is nearly done, just a few access faults (few=lots!) and its done.

StarEye 17 February 2004 21:46

Great, but which versions do you think will be supported? I have a budget-version of some sort.

And, you did great work in Fairlight. One of the best crackgroups there were. I remember one of the first games with the standard Fairlight logo, Pinball Dreams. At least, one of the first games I played on my amiga.

Galahad/FLT 17 February 2004 21:54

At the moment...
Player Manager 2 Extra AGA Original Release
Player Manager 2 Extra AGA Budget Release
Player Manager 2 Extra AGA Fairlight Release are all currently supported.

If you have an OCS/ECS version, when I have time I will add support for that as well.

StarEye 13 September 2005 13:26

Anstoss/Carton Rouge is already blessed with a WHDload installer, when will On the Ball be supported as well? Seeing as they're the same game and all, but in english.

Sid 10 October 2005 16:49

Player Manager 2 is naff...

now the original Player Manager is a work of true geniusness! Sir Galahad will get an honour for his work in the WHDLoadingthingymajig!

StarEye 10 April 2009 21:36

Just thought I'd bump this. Is Anstoss and Carton Rogue that much different from On the Ball? And what's the status of Player Manager 2, Galahad?

(not trying to be pushy here)

nikvest 11 April 2009 03:07

Pushy after four years? Hardly :)...

StarEye 11 April 2009 09:25

It's been that long? Didn't check the date. Wow, time flies.

Gordon 11 April 2009 11:06

I would love PM2 to be done. I really liked the game but in this day and age i really couldnt be arsed with the constant disk swapping and waiting for 20mins for one week scores to be simulated. But a HD install should get rid of that on both counts.

StarEye 13 January 2010 18:00

Now that Player Manager 2 is done, and football games seems to get so much attention, will the On The Ball series finally have an install soon? Anstoss and Carton Rouge is more or less the same game, what's holding up the install for the english version?

Just thought I'd ask. :)

nikvest 22 January 2010 18:21

I hope PM2 AGA will be finished soon... Now that we have ECS version, this would be a dream come true. I hope Galahad is reading this.

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