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r.cade 10 October 2019 05:04

Wanted: Fat Agnus (Any version)

I have recently resurrected an old Rev5 A500. *all* of the RAM chips were bad... 12 were shorted, the other 4 were blown. I don't know what happened to it, but I suspect maybe someone used the wrong power supply or managed to plug it in wrong or maybe plugged in something to the trap door wrong?

Anyway, the Agnus is also bad so I am looking for one. The one I have starts to boot but gets stuck on the 2nd grey screen (Kickstart 1.3). I transplanted one to test from my other working A500 and it boots OK.

8370, 8272A, 8375 should work. Anything will help! Needs to be located or willing to ship to USA.


rlake 28 October 2019 07:06

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Hi r.cade, I have an old 8371 pull from an A500 I have no need for. If it's useful to you drop me a PM and I'll mail it to you!

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r.cade 28 October 2019 18:43

That's very kind of you, thanks! I have sent a PM.

r.cade 04 November 2019 02:54

It's fixed! Thank you...

I had to look over all the RAM wiring again and found another issue, but it is alive!

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