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happymondays 08 November 2017 11:49

Proxima 3 - Red Dwarf Star
I haven't found a thread about this game yet and I guess it really deserves an own one, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


vulture 08 November 2017 12:02

Disposable Hero in vertical! Insane gfx quality there! :)

DamienD 08 November 2017 12:27

Nice one indeed Invent, friggin' awesome!!! :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown

...was going to ask what the target Amiga model is but found out from an earlier blog: http://amigaonex.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/

Gzegzolka 08 November 2017 12:30

As far as I remember some art dump were shown by author year ago, now we have some more mock-up screens. I like the quality of those pictures, it reminds me best of amiga games. From my experience after only those two updates I will not hope it will be finished soon, still I hope to see it finished :) Who knows it could be even better than ReshootR :)

Akira 08 November 2017 16:28

So does this run on standard AGA? I can't find any reference whatsoever to what it needs to run, besides "AGA".

happymondays 09 November 2017 00:10

It seems so, but I am sure it is still far from complete. Maybe we will have the author here to share some extra info. I don't know him though, just guessing.

DamienD 09 November 2017 00:17

invent is definitely an EAB member, you're recognise him by his catchy avatar:


..being another Australian; he's probably online when all Europeans are sleeping :sleep

invent 09 November 2017 01:52

Thankyou for the post :) Initially this image was for the internal team and help when composing music but when it only takes a few minutes to post on a blog felt it was worthy to share further.

It's definitely AGA machines, but if it helps I promise to keep my next game compatible with the A1000 "Mig n Ziggy" (that is a Vanilla A1000 with 256k ram)

Gzegzolka, we will make sure ReshootR is the best it can be and from Richards recent showing at Gamescon, we gained some extra expertise with Oliver Lindau and Andreas Escher (pixel tweaking - colour palette refinements)

At the moment im working hard on extra themed/levels for ReshootR.

Akira, quick answer no, it will be with minimum specs of extra ram and possibly accelerator. My A1200 is bare bones at the moment and trying to decide of Vampire card or other accelerator. My dream for this game though would be to have options to turn off in the menu, for example the extra effects/parallax layers to speed up on possibly Vanilla AGA version.

We have a demo running two parallax layers (each 4 colours), and 16 colour foreground/16 colour player sprite with explosions. The demo needs a good stress test and thats we are working on at the moment.

I'm also working on projects for A-Eon/NG Amigas for the Enhancer pack and other Amiga projects as well as PC/Mac Iridium with James. Work/Family does also slow progress down :)

Working on 3 shoot em ups isn't ideal but I'm loving every moment i can get on each.

DamienD 09 November 2017 02:20


Originally Posted by invent (Post 1198160)
My A1200 is bare bones at the moment and trying to decide of Vampire card or other accelerator. My dream for this game though would be to have options to turn off in the menu, for example the extra effects/parallax layers to speed up on possibly Vanilla AGA version.

Firstly; this is only my opinion but I'm sure a lot of members on EAB would agree...

Please don't go down the "Vampire" route; at least not yet...

I mean, it changes constantly, the userbase is sooooo small really in comparison, and it's not even close to being finished / 100% compatible. Plus, by doing so you then eliminate most of the old school Amiga community except for the hardcore *hardware* freaks.

Stick to a standard A1200 if possible (with Fast RAM if required), and additionally a well known / tested accelerator if you must.

invent 09 November 2017 02:48

Good point DamienD, I've had a nice accelerator card in the past and would be mainly for Dpaint/Brilliance II pixel/animation work.

BippyM 09 November 2017 04:02

Get a PI ;)

invent 09 November 2017 05:42

True BippyM, I do i have a PI, and would be nice to have an Amiga at the workplace :)

About to buy a case for it that has built in heatsink.

Tsak 09 November 2017 15:33

As others have mentioned already, gfx design on this one is phenomenal! :bowdown
Good luck Kevin & team!

sokolovic 10 November 2017 15:38

Agree with DamienD. Don't go Vampire but aim for A1200+some extra RAM is the vast majority of Amiga user nowadays have this configuration as a minimum in order to use WHDLoad.

Vampire is good, but for me, it isn't a classical Amiga experience. ;)

gradius3 10 November 2017 16:51

Goergous looking game so far!!! Really, really beautiful :-)

I agree on DamienD's point, too. Please do it without the need of any accelerator.

Gzegzolka 10 November 2017 16:54

As Winuae user I do not mind any configuration :) but people above make good point about hardware, A1200 plus extra ram could be a good choice to have potential wide target of players.

OmegaMax 11 November 2017 05:35

Impressive pixel art.

tarr 28 December 2017 03:45

Please tell the reshoot r guy that the main sprite ought to be a real spaceship :)

invent 28 December 2017 04:01

Hi Tarr, as im the guy creating gfx for both games I'll talk to Richard and see if we can an option to unlock a real ship. For Reshoot R, Richard has the final say :)

Thankyou for the feedback :)

kriz 28 December 2017 10:32

Do it and use the Vampire, really nice gfx, watching this project :)

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