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IanMac 18 June 2002 17:22

Got another game for u guys
I'm a little less sure about this game though:
I think you controlled a female character, and you could play on the few set levels or make your own.
You jumped or ran around the screen trying to walk on every block to turn it a different colour, there were some bad guys and also an option for a trampoline floor...
Hope ya can help

Djay 18 June 2002 19:20


IanMac 18 June 2002 19:54

nope, pretty sure thats not it :(

Galahad/FLT 18 June 2002 22:04

Yollanda by Millenium Games

Ian 18 June 2002 22:10

Re: Got another game for u guys

Originally posted by IanMac
ran around the screen trying to walk on every block to turn it a different colour, there were some bad guys and also an option for a trampoline floor...
This bit sounds like Skweek (or Super Skweek) to me.

Not a female character, more of a fluffy ball with arms, it's view from above.

Drake1009 18 June 2002 23:32

There were so many games like that. But the trampoline floor makes it sound like a platform game, a thing Sqweek wasn't.

If it wasn't because of colors and a lady I'd have thought someone had actually converted Ghouls from the C64 to the Amiga.

Dithells maybe?


Djay 19 June 2002 00:07

Amos Pro Stikes Again

Drake1009 19 June 2002 00:17

And strikes you hard where it hurts as usual.

IanMac 19 June 2002 16:23

none of these names ring a bell i'm afraid, it was a basic platform by the way - ie: it had ledges and you could jump and move off screen a bit (ie so the screen scrolls with you) but not too far.
also the blocks were (i think) glass (ice?) colour until you stepped on them.

andreas 20 June 2002 13:09

OK, here are all the games I know that have a female main character:

Vixen (;)) [excluded]
Yolanda [excluded]

Entity (Loriciel)
Lorna (Toposoft) (screenshot)

even more: (more arcade than platformers, though)
Gem'X (Kaiko)
Super Gem'Z (Kaiko)

IanMac 20 June 2002 13:37

sexy screenshot there ;)
but nope, the character was drawn much more simply and was smaller.

Akira 20 June 2002 18:51

My vote goes for Super Gem'Z, she's a superdeformed-thing character with bunny ears and stuff....

I dont know of another!

Walker 20 June 2002 19:08

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Here's Super Gem'Z:

Drake1009 20 June 2002 20:11

Still not a platformy game.

Twistin'Ghost 21 June 2002 12:29

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Crazy Sue is a girl...and she's on platforms, as well!

Akira 21 June 2002 22:07

Are you sure it was an Amiga game?

IanMac 23 June 2002 21:21

completely sure, these latest screenshots are far too complicated, there wasnt any score or lives or anything - just jumping on blocks.
maybe the character wasnt female........? but i'm pretty sure she was.
anyone got a screenshot of crazy sue? the name rings a bell - but it might just be another game i knew.
edit: whoops, twistin already did - that was a class game too, but not the one.

andreas 29 June 2002 19:33

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You know what? :cheese

That sounds like an Amiga conversion (prolly PD) of Epyx' Silicon Warrior from the C64:

IanMac 30 June 2002 02:36

much more colourful than that.

Akira 30 June 2002 04:38


Originally posted by IanMac
much more colourful than that.

Err.. of course, he showed you a C64 game! If there is an Amiga remake it prolly has more colors.

Are the game mechanics similar to this 64 jobbie?

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