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Oscar Castillo 18 April 2003 01:12

Amiga Toaster 4000
Amiga 4000 (yes the Newtek stripes)
OS3.1 ROMs & original OS 3.0 ROMs
Buddha IDE Controller
CatWeasel controller
Toaster 4000 (plus the 40 or so disks)
Picasso II (no pass thru cable)
Xsurf Ethernet
Keyboard & mouse

Don't have the time or drivers for the SCSI CD, but the system is 100% functional. Don't know anything about the Toaster 4000, but it did work when I fooled with it prior to the hard drive going bad. The Picasso II worked fine as well. Battery removed, no leakage. Everything as is. I think there are two stripped screws that go from the hard drive mounting bracket to the power suppy, so it'll only be support on one side.

Any ideas what I can get for this?

Unknown_K 18 April 2003 03:48

I suggest you check out completed auctions on ebay

Probably $400+ on EBAY if you show the pretty pictures and get the cdrom working.

By any chance do you have a amiga to vga monitor adapter you want to sell? I have a NEC 3ds monitor coming and need an adapter to use it, was waiting on a deal from another source but not sure whats going on there.

Oscar Castillo 18 April 2003 03:56

I'd like to get the CD-ROM going, but hard to find the install disks for the DataFlyer. Although it does work with an IDE CD-ROM and the Buddha.

Unknown_K 18 April 2003 04:05

There are dataflyer install disks here for:


DataFlyer Plus (2000s & 2000e) (Expansion Systems)
DataFlyer SCSI+ (Expansion Systems)

Also here:


apollo.2030hdinstall.DMS ACT's Apollo 2030 hd

dataflyerScsiPlus.DMS Expansion System's a1200/4000 SCSI Plus

DataFlyer_IDE.DMS Expansion System's A500/2000 IDE

DataFlyer_scsi.DMS Same as above, but SCSI?

Any of these helpfull?

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