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Amb 30 January 2003 00:11

power supply

i have an A500 and was wondering if the power supply was compatible with a c128 - i've heard yes and no to this question - i am considering (re)buying a c128 - should have kept my old one.


Severin 30 January 2003 00:42

iirc, not without some modification, C128 uses 5v and 9v (and a 7 pin din), so you'd need a 9v regulator for the 12v from your A500 PSU, an amiga power socket (unless you want to cut off the A500 connector), a few components, a 7 pin din plug and some soldering skills...

Overdoc 30 January 2003 01:27

No, the plug will fit, but the 128 won't have any sound and I think the psu will not like that (and the C128 as well ! )
The reason is that the Amiga psu is 5V= and 12V=, while the C128 needs 5V=, but 9V~ !! The 9V~ is mainly for the SID, but I think also some other chips need it. 12V= instead of 9V~ will not do the 128 any good !

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