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lordofchaos 04 August 2013 17:29

Embryo WHDLoad Quits to WB!
I just started getting into this game for the first time, 5 missions in and the game quits to the WB with this message:

Exception "Integer Divide by Zero" ($2014) at $69F2AB5C (ExpMem $78B5C) occured. :confused

I`m using WHDLoad 17.2 on real hardware. A1200 68030 32MB FAST. Please any suggestions I can try, was really enjoying it up to this point.

Bamiga2002 04 August 2013 18:37

Try "ExpChip" tooltype.

lordofchaos 04 August 2013 20:01

Thanks, I`ll give it a try next time I fire it up.


Well since applying the "ExpChip" tooltype I've had no crashes, fingers crossed that did the trick :-)

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