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voyager 11 December 2011 14:49

Large hardisk support not working
I am trying to get large hardisk support to work in classic WB 3.5.
I did what the youtube tutorial showed me. Copied a scsi.device to devs.

In my case I used :

128gb support>scsi_ide_43_24>patched>a4000ide.scsi.device.
(I use a 4000D 030 filesystem is SFS)

Copyied the thing to devs renaming it scsi.device

Did check 4GB and its not happy. Using the command “version” I get 43.35 on the scsi.device but that’s not the scsi device Iám putting in the devs dir. That’s 43.24

I think its not getting loaded on startup. And I am at a loss. Trying to get big hdd support working for over a week now.

This is working fine in classic wb advanced on my a 1200 and a600.
Any suggestion would be most welcome.

fitzsteve 11 December 2011 14:56

Did you rename a4000ide.scsi.device to scsi.device ?

thomas 11 December 2011 15:20

OS 3.5 has large harddisk support already. 43.35 is better than 43.24.

Please quote the output of check4gb.

voyager 11 December 2011 17:38

Ofcours steve :-)

Name Volume Size Device Unit Version DosType Version Big Check
DH0 System 908M scsi 0 43.35 SFS0 1.277 no ok
DH1 Small Storage 2956M scsi 0 43.35 SFS0 1.277 no ok
CD0 687M scsi 1 43.35 CDFS 2.40 no ok
DF0 880K trackdisk 0 40.1 DOS0 45.9 no ok

Sorry I see my fault…
You get a YES if the drive is OUTSIDE the 4gb barrier I was for safety sake keeping it inside the 4gb barrier.

I also was under the impression that big hardisk support was only on os 3.9 and that it was not clear if 3.5 could do it, I am reading very old tutorials sometimes I think.

thomas 12 December 2011 11:42

If it says "no" in the ">4GB" column, this partition is safe to use even without any large harddisk support. Only partitions with "yes" in ">4GB" need special attention. The important column to look at is "check". If "check" says "ok", then the partition is safe to use.

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