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SurferJoe 14 February 2010 12:24

Seeking Argasm
OK new here - just bought a used A500 on EBay and waiting for that to show up and considering a A1200 from Amikit as a more premanent solution.
Been running E-UAE on Ubuntu and playing the games on a USB XBox360 controller - very weird combo but works extremely well.

Anyhoo , I used to do some basic assembly language years ( or decades ) ago on my original A500 and loved it. From memory I used Argasm , I think mainly from it's speed , and really want to get back to that as a time waster / hobby again.

I already have Decpac from the Zone , thanks , but can't seem to find Argasm anywhere. Not sure if this is because it is not that popular with others , or if it still has commercial value. If the latter can someone please point me to where I can buy a copy again as I would be quite happy to.

Many thanks , it feels great to be back on an Amiga again - even if only in an emulator for now......:spin

hit 14 February 2010 19:24

hi & welcome.

we had another request last year ( http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=518767 ), without any results :(
i only can find a demo on a cover disk ( http://amr.abime.net/issue_163_coverdisks ).

here ( http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~cameronl/FORSALE.HTM ) is someone selling a copy, not sure if this is still valid. but worth a try.

SurferJoe 15 February 2010 02:06

Thanks for the link. Will give it a try.

Leffmann 15 February 2010 18:41

Please let us know here if you find a copy somewhere. I don't think Argasm has any real use or value today, with so many newer alternatives available, but I've been wanting to at least check it out for some time.

SurferJoe 17 February 2010 01:41

Link provide was dead I'm afraid , however I am in the process of buying up old Amiga disc collections via EBay locally and the like. If I do dig up a full version I'll get back and see if it is OK to upload to the Zone or similar area.

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