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BippyM 15 February 2006 20:55

Ripping: Colour Fonts
This thread is for any Colourfonts that you find..

Any will do.. game, Demos, Cracktros or whatever :)

This thread is made sticky as it is for ALL colourfonts and not individual sprites :)

BippyM 15 February 2006 20:59

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Here is the first Font I ripped

Taken from the Angels - Defjam cracktro from Robocop 2


Photon 15 February 2006 21:13

There were some multicolor fonts, about 32 pixels wide, that were from a graphics disk some woman made, which appeared in lots of demos after the disk was released in 1987 or 1988, for example the Megaforce Megademo. Wouldn't mind those classic fonts being made available for others! ;)

Ironclaw 15 February 2006 21:18

Tons here: http://cgi.algonet.se/htbin/cgiwrap?...cript=fonts.pl

Graphical fonts from intros, demos and games. No truetype or postscript fronts.

BippyM 15 February 2006 21:21

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Another font.. This one is from the Ackerlight cracktro to the game Action Service

Edit: Following fonts added:

Xenon 2 Ingame - Large
Xenon 2 Ingame - Small
Fairlight Cracktro from game Warzone

method 15 February 2006 21:42

Thanx Ironclaw.. I mentioned that that link had been posted somewhere here recently.

But.. I'm all up for ripping more.. specifically amiga-based.

There are loads of fonts that aren't in the archive (but that's kinda obvious I guess eh?!)

I grabbed ~100 of my favourites from that archive...


I'm gonna download a bunch of demos, etc. now and get some to add here. :)

BippyM 15 February 2006 22:45

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Chaos Engine - Ingame

method 16 February 2006 00:37

Oh No MoreLemmings
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BippyM 16 February 2006 17:06

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Here are some fonts from

Gods and Magic Pockets :D

Doing others now.. not many games actually use colour fonts!

BippyM 16 February 2006 17:53

2 Attachment(s)
Fonts from: Scooby & Scrappy Doo game

and from demo

Can I play with Madness (Demo)

NOB 16 February 2006 18:50

Can anyone rip the font from insanity fight?(in the upscroller):spin

method 16 February 2006 20:37

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SillyPutty Attached. (Though it is a bit of crap font!!) :)

BippyM 17 February 2006 21:43

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I like the Silly Putty font and the Lemmings font :D

Here are a load of fonts from various Alcatraz Megademos and one from a demo Called The Classic Demo

BippyM 17 February 2006 21:45

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BippyM 17 February 2006 22:24

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More.. the demo they are from is in the name of the file ;)

Frog 17 February 2006 22:54

here a similar post with a link to Paradox site http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=2980

@IronClaw : nice link :)

if someone of this project or Sprites ripp project is interested, i could send a CD with all gfx i've ripped in the past from games/demos + lot of gfx from the demoscene.

Thus you could see by yourself what could be used to the sprites, fonts or any similar projects.

BippyM 17 February 2006 23:02

Nice frog
Here is the link to the fonts Frog is referring to : http://dev.paradogs.com/bin/sources/fonts.zip

Frog 25 February 2006 23:22

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ok, i reupload the old fonts i upload in previous thread.

- FontsAmiga were ripped mostly from demo. few from game : Backlash, Ballistix, Bio Challenge, Chamber of Shaolin, Pinball Magic, Plotting, Wings of Death, Xenon 1 & 2.
- FontsST came from Nices Fonts disk by Dad of IMPACT
- FreeFontST should came from a ST site but i can't remember more.

Those hand drawn pixeled fonts were so beautiful ! Hope you'll enjoy them :)
Respect to the original authors !! :bowdown

Phiber 07 September 2006 14:04

I know this post won't fit the subject's bill, but i'll post it anyway..

Here's a windows program that can use ripped pixel fonts such as these to create website graphics or whatever you can think of! ^_^


I tried it just a while ago by taking screenshots of C64 demos and doing the cut 'n paste trick on
each font (time consuming, i know) but it looked cool..

Frog 07 September 2006 15:30

Thanks for the link Phiber !

This tool looks pretty nice :)

BTW on the BitmapFontWriter page, there's some link for some fonts ready to use in BitmapFontWriter

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