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CU_AMiGA 14 January 2005 13:51

Am After PCMIA Squirrel CD ROM

I am after an external PCMIA Squirrel CD ROM drive, so i can put my files from CD to HD. At the moment, i am using a Power Tower and CD ROM inside to do this. But i want to ditch my tower (as i want all this in desktop). Any offers if anyone is selling.

Best Regards,

narud17 14 January 2005 22:00

Hi I have a powerC scsi drive in the attic it's in bits but it used to work I will have a look over the weekend and see if I can get it working it comes with it's own psu and case I will PM you if I camn get it working.

alewis 14 January 2005 23:48

I dont have the exact CD-ROM, but I do have a spare external SCSI CDROM. Its a DEC RRD43-DA. And it works, cos until recently I was using it with an SGI Indigo2 workstation.

You can have it for postage. If you really really want I'll include an etxernal SCSI hard disk, although that weighs a lot more!

Both use mains power, I'll include the mains lead(s)


rattus 15 January 2005 11:08

I don't understand... The squirrel was just a PCMCIA to SCSI adapter, not a full CD drive. Maybe you are thinking of something else?

Well I have the Squirrel SCSI adapter, driver disks and a nice compatible drive (Aiwa ACD-300) that needs a home, but it will cost you (PM me if you're interested).

More info here http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showha...gi?HARDID=1201 note that mine doesn't come with box or instructions as I got it off ebay some time ago. But it all works perfectly.

narud17 15 January 2005 12:20

What I have is a complete package that is a pcmia card and cd drive with it's own case and PSU and all terminations included it is basicly a plug and play kit.

CU_AMiGA 15 January 2005 16:36

Well. I maybe describing it wrong. I am after a CD ROM drive that connects and works when connected to that PCMIA slot at the side of the A1200.

Best Regards,

CU_AMiGA 16 January 2005 13:39

Okay, well i pm the person that is offering the CD ROM drive for postage (as i am buying as cheap as possible :) ) Will see how it goes.


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