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tomcat666 06 January 2007 23:55

Some demos that don't work here
Hey All.

Compiling some demos from ex-YU form my homepage and there are some on the aminet that I cannot get working on my A1200/030(blizzard)/50Mhz/16Mb ram (even if it is disabled) or in the WinUAE emulator. Did anyone make these work (and HOW ? :) ) :

Ecstacy boardtro:


Liquid Sky:






Also if anyone here has ex-YU disk Magazine HARDCORE issue 1 then please up it to the zone. The one on the net is a broken DMS archive :(

Thank you !

edit: Got Da, Qrac working ;-) (pun not intended) ;-) ... the rest still don't work anywhere :(

Best regards,

sink 13 January 2007 07:57

i have found some compli here Copied (13/01/2007 06:53:07): ftp://ftp.de.scene.org/pub/mirrors/the_scene_archives/

look thez are all demos u search, but i hvave tested some u search and don't work too for me, u can try too ;)

sink 13 January 2007 08:00

thez are all 4 harcore magazine by crs on too :)

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