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TCH 08 February 2019 12:38

Ruben Monteiro - Amiga: Immortal (1989)
I am trying to get this CD for ages. I would buy it if i could, but the only place offers this CD states it's sold out.

Does anyone have it?

Nightshft 13 February 2019 02:24

At least Immortal 2 and 3 seem to have been released by synSoniq Records (Chris Hülsbecks label)
(this is just a list)

On https://chrishuelsbeck.bandcamp.com/
you can buy albums, but Immortal isn't there.

Features Immortal 1-3 (and 4 on another page). The buy link doesnt work. But the previews do.
The imprint lists Matthias Ziegs as site owner. Maybe this could help?

Lists 3 retailers (Hülsbeck and 2 others) and also has an email adress that seems to be working. Maybe Jan can help if you write him?
(It also lists the musicians, although I doubt they could help in this case(?))

As some of the CDs (maybe) are sold out, I wonder if one of the retailers/producers would sell the album in mp3 format.

Edit: Jan Zottmann turns out to be the head of production since Volume 2.

and a long thread about Immortal 4 is at https://www.remix64.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6110 (didn't read it)

rygar 13 February 2019 20:41

ALL parts are here ;)

Zack 13 February 2019 20:42


I have the CD, and haven't been listening to it for ages, so I think it deserves a new home :-) Must have bought it at c64audio.com many years ago.
Does a price for $20 plus shipping sound reasonable? Please PM me for further details.

TCH 14 February 2019 18:56

@Nightshft: Thanks for the links, i've checked them, but all of the stores are 404 or sold out. :(

@rygar: Thanks! I've extracted the audio stream links and downloaded it!

@Zack: Well, it sounds reasonable, but depends on how much the shipping costs. I've sent a PM.

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