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RCK 21 September 2002 15:34

-- [ a b î m e .net ] IRC server --
Choose the way you like to connect to our chat network:
Here are the connection parameters to join us
/nick <YOURNICK>
/server irc.abime.net
/join #abime.net

CGI:IRC is known to work well on Internet Explorer and Mozilla based browsers.

Browser Works?
- Mozilla (netscape 6) Javascript interface works except some shortcut keys and pop-out formating buttons.
- Netscape 4.x Works - using non-js interface
- Internet Explorer >= 6 Fully works
- Internet Explorer >= 5 (Almost) Fully works
- Older Versions of Internet Explorer Not tested
- Opera Works with non-js interface but some scrolling problems
- KDE Konqueror Doesn't work with 0.5, Konqueror 3 works with current CVS.
- Links Works (amazingly)

RetroMan 21 September 2002 15:36


Btw. don´t forget to put all Moderators to the op list, will ya ;):D

RCK 21 September 2002 15:37

no op & no ban here, open-mind concept :D

RetroMan 21 September 2002 15:37


Originally posted by RCK
open-mind concept :D

Akira 21 September 2002 20:42

It's gonna SUCK when all the troddlers/newbies start flooding by changing the topic.

And if you lock the topic, then who's gonna set it if there are no ops?

What if some bitch starts flooding the chan? The other day with Jim we flooded the channel to DEATH, it wasn't very nice. I have logs :D

RetroMan 21 September 2002 20:50


That´s exactly the point of my post :):D

Shatterhand 22 September 2002 04:53

I agree, there should be ops , and I think most people who could be ops there are inteliigent enough to not ban people just because of personal matter and stuff like that.

EVERY IRC channel needs an op to avoid stupid stuff like flood.

And I was there when Jim flooded the channel , and it wasn't nice, it locked my humble computer!


:D :D :D

Akira 22 September 2002 05:49

Hey, it was Jim and I too!~I was flooding as well!

since we are under broadband we didnt fell, but my client kept kicking me out of the room to prevent flood protection!

Akira 22 September 2002 23:43

OK, it's now open for people's votation :)

Shatterhand 23 September 2002 00:02

So Akira gets a power-pimpslap too :D

The one who locked my PC that day as the "SPAM" user

jrom 26 September 2002 14:49

What's with the irc server... down due to lack of interest or what?!

Akira 26 September 2002 15:20

It's being recompiled. or something?

RCK 26 September 2002 17:55

IRC server is back with all functions.

RetroMan 26 September 2002 21:22


Akira 27 September 2002 05:05

Ultimate IRCd... grrrrreeeaaaat :D

Now where is the channel b0t? :D

thinlega 25 October 2002 21:47

1 Attachment(s)
bug report....

when people start talking in icelandic and other sots of crazy languages my mac font goes odd

andreas 10 November 2002 22:33

Huh? The Icelandic characters look correct in the screenshot you gave. This beats me. :confused

Belgarath 11 August 2008 11:48

Just thought I'd add that you can easily connect to EAB's IRC chat by clicking this handy link http://embed.mibbit.com/?server=irc....wJoinInfo=true

Click that, enter your nickname and click join, couldn't be easier

it's fast, a lot better than cgi:irc and you can still access it from your workplace.

Thanks to THB for discovering mibbit in the first place.

Avanze 11 August 2008 17:08

It works.

RCK 18 August 2008 22:08

I will change the irc homepage to include this and add some mibbit links to EAB as well :)

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