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Holicool 13 May 2001 15:08

WinFellow is quite slow on my Duron800 ... ?!
Hi there !

I've got a duron 800 with 128 Mb of memory, but I've got a little problem with the latest version of Winfellow.

The sound is perfectly synchronised, but the emulaion is a little slow; I mean, the games are not as "fast" as they were on my amiga500.

I've activated the FPS counter, which indicates 49 fps.

Is it enough ? Does it come from my processor, or from Winfellow which isn't 100% optimised ?

Help me and see ya :)

CodyJarrett 13 May 2001 16:25

Well, Amiga emulation is always going to be slower than something like the Megadrive, due to it's complex nature and various custom chips. However, I get fine performance from a Pentium II 300.

What resolution are you running at? Is it a specific game or all games?

Amiga emulation is not perfect yet and won't be quite as smooth as the real thing.

Khephren 13 May 2001 17:56

49 fps is respectable.

Remember that the amiga ran at 50 fps.

I get between 50 and 57 fps on my P3 850.

Holicool 13 May 2001 18:06

yes but ...
it's quite anormal that i only have 49 fps on a duron 800 with 128 mb of memory !

Amiga emulation is quite complex i know, but ... !

See ya :)

Khephren 13 May 2001 18:18

I used to complain about the Speccy emulator running slow on the Amiga. That a 68000 over a Z80.

Emulation means taking a foreign command and converting it to an instruction your PC can understand. This is an achievement in itself.

Play around with your settings and you'll get further.

Holicool 13 May 2001 18:33

yes i knew that, thanx :))

About my problem, i also have to say that it doesn' t depend on the settings i've specified in the configuration menu.

I mean, it's always the same, i can choose 320*240 without sound, or 1024*768 with sound; i always have this speed problem (49 fps)

strange i know ...

Akira 13 May 2001 23:00

Here is my advice: GET A REAL AMIGA :P

http://www.powerc.com might help.

Twistin'Ghost 13 May 2001 23:44

Also, you might try ebay as well. At one point or another, a seller should be able to cater to 99% of your needs at a fraction of what it might cost you elsewhere.

You'll likely spend less for an Amiga setup than you would on a sound card upgrade for your PC (unless you use a cack sound card) and I can assure you it will be a purchase you will be happy you made. Look at all the software you will have to run on it! It just feels so much warmer running on the real thing.

Ian 14 May 2001 02:17

This has something to do with the Duron cache size I think. A few people were complaning about WinUAE being slow on an 800 Duron processor at the UAE board. Maybe Duron hates Emu's, or maybe Amiga inc. paid the development cost of the Duron. lol

Malc 14 May 2001 04:54

As a BETA tester of WinFellow I can honestly say that the 49fps mark is probably as high as you will get on a Duron, Athlon processors are much better (hence the price difference).

I get about the same on an AMD K6-2 500Mhz with 128MB RAM and all games are totally playable (those that don't have sprite bugs). Like everyone has already said the Amiga is a box of magic that cannot be emulated easily by anybody ... so many different custom chips, so many ways of using them and 1 program has to be able to handle all this on a machine that is nothing like the same spec.

DosFellow might improve your FPS but like I said 49FPS is not to be mistaken as slow.

Ian 14 May 2001 05:45

I agree with Malc
Why would you want to run games faster than they were originally intended to run, try playing a game like Barbrian(Palace) in WinUAE with 68020 CPU to see what can happen, ie the game moves to fast for you to do anything.

Just count yourself lucky. You haven't got half the problems I have, try these specs on for size: P366 Celeron, i810 GFX card and 64mb of memory. Now you've read that I bet you problem doesn't seem half as bad as you thought:D

Holicool 14 May 2001 11:21

some details ...
here is a little answer to Iancharge :)

* I don't want the games to run faster than their original speed on Amiga. I only want them to work properly, I'm not the kind of guy that tries to emulate games in 1600*1200 32 bits with an incredible surround audiosystem.

--> the problem is that it's quite slow, I mean, I don't have the feeling that I've got 49 fps ...

* The configuration you were speaking about (celeron 366, 64 Mb of memory) is exactly the one I had before changing my processor. And with my Celeron, I've never had any problem, everything was perfect (sound synchronization, etc ...)

I only hope that the future releases of WinUAE and Winfellow will be optimised for the AMD processors ... :)

In fact the real question is : have the developpers already officialy said that there was a compatibility problem with the AMD processors ???
( it would be great if some1 could answer to that question)

see ya !

Gibby 14 May 2001 13:54

Holicool - try overclocking your processor.

I have a Duron 800 but I currently have it running at 1GHz, my Amiga emu seems to run fine. I think it was fine before I overclocked it, but then I also have 256MB of PC133 so that may explain it.

Ian 14 May 2001 14:14

Try this
Just for the time being try adjusting the sound buffer, if it's lets say set at 20 change it to 40ms, I that doesn't help try using scanlines at 640x480 resolution. If that doesn't work try increasing the cpu speed by one postion on the slider.

Hope some of this is use full for you.

My settings with WinFellow are as follows:

CPU 68000 speed 7 mhz

Memory all set to max values

Display set to full screen at 640x480
Pixel scaling = scanlines and 2x horizontal
Angus blitter = OCS
Blitter speed = original
No framskipping

Sound = Play sound
Sample rate = 44100
Filter = Original
Channels = Stereo
Precision = 16 bit
Buffer length = 60ms

If all else false you could just trying that config.

Also are you running it in windowed mode or full screen, because people with faster processors than yours have said that WinFellow just doesn't work properly in windowed mode.

Holicool 14 May 2001 14:48

your settings
Thank you very much Iancharge for your advices.
I'll try your settings as soon as possible.

About mine, I have to say that i always have 49 fps. It may be in 320*240 or 1024*768, with 22050 khz or 44100 khz (sound); it's always the same ( which is quite incredible ... ) !!!

I run Winfellow in full screen mode, with classic settings. But I have the feeling that my soundcard may be responsible of this speed problem ... I'll test it tonight :)

Well, I'm gonna leave ya. Thanx :)

//RCK: no signature please...

ps: do u have an ICQ number ? if yes, would it be possible to mail it at Holicool@ifrance.com ?

Malc 18 May 2001 21:12

I have yet to experience any problems what so ever in WinFellow OR WinUAE relating to the CPU and I have tried it on:

AMD K6-2 (3D-Now)
AMD Athlon 800Mhz
Intel Pentium II 300Mhz

In fact the only troublesome CPU is those Nasty Cyrix processors that are still floating around shops in the hope that some idiot will buy them.

BTW: Don't trust anything you read when purchasing a PC from a catalogue or shop unless you have run SiSoft Sandra over the hardware, in many cases that Pentium III or Pentium II processor is nothing more than a Cyrix MII with the description changed via the registry and the BIOS altered to give a different reading.

I know because my aunt recently did the same thing, once she found out it was sent straight back :)

Worfje 30 October 2001 02:24


Originally posted by Holicool
I've activated the FPS counter, which indicates 49 fps. Is it enough ? Does it come from my processor, or from Winfellow which isn't 100% optimised ?
A European Amiga 500 uses PAL as video standard and PAL has a vertical refresh of 50Hz. Therefor the emulator should produce at maximum 50FPS, since 50Hz is 1/50 second per frame (that's 1 second per 50 frames -> 50 frames per second -> 50FPS). Any more frames produced would result in a duplicate frames of the emulated Amiga screen, which would be a waste of CPU. WinFellow synchronize to 50FPS.

Therefor the maximal FPS you should get, and also need, is 50FPS.

Originally posted by Holicool
I only hope that the future releases of WinUAE and Winfellow will be optimised for the AMD processors
WinFellow is optimized for processors with MMX or are compatible with MMX. This includes all Intel Pentium MMX processors and higher and AMD K6 and higher. Also, maybe the Cyrix 6x86MX, or also called Cyrix MMX M2, is also compatible, but i'm not sure.

Originally posted by Gibby
Holicool - try overclocking your processor.
As explained, this won't improve FPS, since it is limited to 50FPS.

I hope this explains things.

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