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Thalion 29 December 2014 20:52

Ambermoon CD Version?
Just found this on Ebay.


Anyone knows something about it? Is it some bootleg?
Never knew it was (re)released on CD by anyone.

Retro-Nerd 29 December 2014 21:22


Released by Alive Mediasoft.
This explained it. They released other "CD" versions, nothing official.

Thalion 30 December 2014 01:22

Ah ok so they just released stuff without licenses after the previous owner got bankrupt. Wonder which version they used for that CD.

alexh 30 December 2014 01:23

It was pirated I called Steven at Alive and he said they bought them already manufactured in good faith at a market stall in the UK.

My arse they did. I am 99.99% sure they manufactured them (considering what they went on to do).

They had already sold all their stock to Amiga resellers. Some sites stopped selling them after I contacted them, taking a loss, but Amiga Hut in USA refused and they were advertised on their website until it closed.

nujack 30 December 2014 14:24

No, the guy who sells these CD's is creating the CD's/cover.
In the auction it's named Ambermoon (CD-R).
AFAIK he doesn't sell any original soft and Alive has never released this game as CD-version.

alexh 30 December 2014 15:43

Alive DID sell them on CD's.

In 2000, Jennie & Steven Flowers sold something like 100 units to a mixture of Soft Hut in USA and another Amiga shop in the netherlands. He claimed he didn't manufacture them.

If that is true then I cannot imagine that the copies they sold would have "Alive mediasoft" printed on them.

I'm looking to see if I still have the PDF/JPEG of the Alive Mediasoft Magazine "The Pulse" where they announced they would be selling Ambermoon + Amberstar in English on a CD.

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