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Unregistered 22 September 2002 03:47

no speed increase?
I upgraded my CPU to an 1800+ but the icons in amiga in a box still load really slowly setting the cpu slider to 1 improves the speed dramatically but games crash at this setting, so I have to set it back to 3.. are there parts in winuae that do not get any faster due to a faster processor?

Drake1009 22 September 2002 09:09

Well if it is really a speed issue then it might be an incompatibility on your motherboard somewhere. I had that on my other motherboard which meant that my GeForce and Creative SBLive! would slow the emulation down to a crawl.

More likely it's because WinUAE emulates a computer which is slower than the standard computers. Changing the slider will confuse some games regarding to speed. Fast RAM emulation might help, but I think AIAB is already set up to that.

oldpx 22 September 2002 09:16

Use JIT! Download Amiga in a box, and learn how to configure your own workbench setup by copying it's configuration file, that how I learned it. Use the same JIT settings first, then change it according to your needs.

Syko 22 September 2002 20:33

got an XP18 in this one and mine runs fine. Set CPU to; 040, CPU emu speed to; fastest possible but maintain chipset speed. JIT set cache to 8MB and tick; cons jumps, no flags & FPU support.

That should speed things a little. :cool

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