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Drake1009 22 November 2001 17:02

Did this exist?
I was wondering if Transport tycoon was ever released on the Amiga? I remember spending a good bit of time on the PC version.

I'm guessing it wasn't released though:( But I think Pizza tycoon was from around that time too, that game did make an appearance on the Amiga under the name Pizza tycoon so there's always hope I guess. Or am I completely wrong about hoping?

CodyJarrett 22 November 2001 17:17

No (1st question)
Yes (2nd question)

Akira 22 November 2001 17:47

Wasn't it naemd Pizza Connection isntead of Pizza Tycoon?

CodyJarrett 22 November 2001 17:53

I don't think that Pizza Connection has got anything to do with Pizza Tycoon at all.

CodyJarrett 22 November 2001 18:24

Actually, I think you are right...

I don't think an English Pizza Tycoon was released on the Amiga.

Drake1009 22 November 2001 18:33

Sorry my mind was elsewhere when I typed that. I meant Pizza connection. I never really played it much since I'm not good at german and I didn't find an english version of the game for the Amiga (As far as I know Pizza connection is the german name).


Akira 23 November 2001 16:59

NYAH to you, Codyjarret :) I have Pizza Connection at home if you want it, Drake.

I would have liked Transport Tycoon to be ported to the miggy. I really dig that game on teh PC... one of the few PC games I bothered to copy.

CodyJarrett 23 November 2001 17:18


NYAH to you, Codyjarret I have Pizza Connection at home if you want it, Drake.
Great Akira! Me too!

Note that I said, an ENGLISH version of Pizza Tycoon wasn't released on the Amiga. Pizza Connection is German.

Akira 23 November 2001 17:24

I dloaded it from a german website back then... I will dig out my CDs and look for it.

Drake1009 23 November 2001 17:28

If it's a version which supports english I'd really like to get my hands on Pizza connection. I've seen it plenty of places on the net otherwise, but as I said. I'm not good at german and would have a real hard time playing it if it was in german, which is why I didn't download it the times I saw it.

Akira 23 November 2001 17:33

I think it's in german, but Im not sure.. never tried it :(

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