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PopoCop 20 January 2021 13:12

Deuteros - building the planet base
Can anybody explain how to build a base on a planet in Deuteros?
I wanted to build a base on the Moon. I produced two R Frames (two are enough for one base), transported them from orbit to surface and nothing happened.

What should I do?

DamienD 20 January 2021 14:03

Nothing in the manual?

PopoCop 20 January 2021 16:57

Manual explains it but it doesn't work! There is probably something wrong with my game.
According to manual you have to land on a planet with R Frame and activate it. Then you do the same with the 2nd R Frame and your new base appears with three new icons: shuttle bay, resources and stores.
When I first landed on the Moon I didn't have any R Frames BUT those 3 new icons appeared. Shuttle bay icon works but resource and stores icons don't (they are crossed out with red X).

Is it a bug? Or is there still a way to build a proper base on the Moon?

PopoCop 21 January 2021 13:18

Problem solved. There is an old base on the Moon (remember Millennium 2.2?). Base is damaged but can be repaired with Bandaid. After that base becomes functional and all icons work.

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