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PrevueNetworks 06 December 2020 07:27

WinUAE Feature request: RTS pin on Serial Emulation for the Prevue Channel software.
Okay, i had previously confused my previous request with Genlock, but it had nothing in common with that yet. However, what it was, for what I discovered, was actually a pin called the RTS pin for a 110 baud CTRL feed, used in the software that used to power the Prevue Channel.
Video Example of the Prevue Channel in action
Another Example of the CTRL feed on the Prevue Channel. (Local Graphical and text ads disabling the genlock via RTS 110 baud CTRL feed)

According to what I later researched, the 110 baud data feed (also known as the CTRL feed) is bit-banged into the RTS pin. I don't see in current versions of the WinUAE serial implementations related to RTS. This is what WinUAE needs now. Every Amiga 2000 had an RTS pin on its serial ports.

Another ability that needs to be implemented is the Audio system for the Prevue system emulation in WinUAE. As you can tell, if the amiga blocks the left screen, we hear the right channel, if it blocks the Right of the screen, we hear the left channel, and if there's a video on the top half, both channels are heard, all that in MONO sound.
When the RTS 110 baud feed triggers a local graphic or text ad. it switches to a separate audio source.
For implementing that, you need to add the AP2000 option which is the Amiga 2000 except with capabilities of auto enabling or auto disabling the Genlock, via that RTS 110 baud CTRL feed, or via pressing G or caps lock T in the keyboard.
More information about that 110 baud CTRL feed on the RTS pin can be found, in this document. (look for the tab that says "Amiga 2000")
AP2000 is the special Amiga 2000 model Prevue Networks (the real company, not my username yet) used until 1999.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

Best Regards:
Evelyn Friedrich, AKA Prevue Guide Forums user "Prevue Networks"

PrevueNetworks 22 December 2020 01:37

i am still waiting for a reply from the devs. :-)

Toni Wilen 22 December 2020 19:21

Sorry, forgot..

Emulated RTS pin changes real RTS pin (but I guess not all USB adapters support it). So does DTR. CTS is read-only.

But there is another problem: even at low speed (110), there is most likely far too much random latency (time between emulator calling Windows serial port API) that makes this method of data transfer unreliable.

And where would you connect it? Connecting real genlock this way does not make much sense because video is missing :)

Only solution is to emulate whole device but so far there is not enough hardware information. Someone needs to reverse engineer it first/diassemble the software. I am not interested, sorry.

PrevueNetworks 23 December 2020 23:29


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen (Post 1447788)
And where would you connect it?.

It would connect on pin 7 of a regular serial.

And a friend of mine is working in reverse engineering that pin already.

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