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Aardvark 23 July 2020 13:36

Analog Joystick multiplier and offset in GUI
GUI support for input.analog_joystick_multiplier= and input.analog_joystick_offset=
It's very grindy to find working values for some games.

I've tested most games with analog support and values multiplier=18 and offset=-5 are the most common working ones using standard USB controller. I recommend using those in WinUAE default profile.

Toni Wilen 02 August 2020 18:34

Thanks. Defaults adjusted.

I need to find some way to fit them in GUI. Probably need big redesign which I usually want to delay as much as possible :)

Aardvark 22 January 2021 00:30

After bit more playing, I found that mult=20, offset=-5 works better overall, and is closer to calibration values of real hardware (Jet Pilot calibration gives ranges of X-axis=0-44, Y-axis=0-40 on a real A1200 with Logitech Wingman joystick)

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