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ElectroBlaster 20 February 2003 03:31

WHDLoad + A1200 dos error #205?

I have just got the latest version of WHDLoad (not regged yet) and installed it on an a1200 with:

Magnum 1230 Mk2 030, 16meg of ram, 1gig hard drive

i randomly picked a few games from a cd i got from a private ftp and they work on my WinUae setup... the nag screen appears and then the game will load! but on the real amiga they wont? the nag screen appears then afterwards i get this dos error code #205 source not found when locking data???

anyone know what the hell ive done wrong?

Codetapper 20 February 2003 07:53

Please give DECENT error reports...
Well since you didn't give any useful details like what game you are trying to run, what version of WHDLoad etc I can only assume that error 205 file not found means the slave is expecting a data subdirectory to exist and you don't have one in the install on the Amiga side.

ElectroBlaster 20 February 2003 11:46


WHDload 15.1 (by what it says when starting up)

the games are:

Atomic Robokid

under winuae they work! on the real miggy they dont... thing is ive setup the 1200 as an exact copy of the winuae! so why it dont work i dont know? it just insists on throwing up the dos error code... im going to wipe the amiga and re-install workbench and try again... maybe i missed an important part!

oldpx 20 February 2003 16:10

If you're transferring files via null modem, make sure they are transferred correctly. High speed causes your files not to be copied and you won't be given an error message.

ElectroBlaster 20 February 2003 16:52

im using my old printer port network kit! its bloody slow :(

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