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ami.junki 06 January 2014 13:02

ToolsDaemon in ClassicWB
I have been trying to install ToolsDaemon for a while into ClassicWB, I used to use this niffty piece of software back in the day. However I seem to be having an error after I install it that says it "cannot find the Workbench window" and then gives you the option of suspending or rebooting. Any ideas on how to get ToolsDaemon to run in ClassicWB? Thanks!

mfilos 06 January 2014 13:38

I'm almost certain that ClassicWB has ToolsDaemon installed as it's needed by ToolsPrefs (the extra menu).
In my ClassicWB 3.9 and in my ClassicWB Full it's installed just fine, and I also installed ToolsManager as well to have the nice dock.

Just check out the ToolsDaemon tooltypes from SYS:WBstartup folder and report back.

Mine are like this:

portarinos 07 January 2014 02:32

Toolsdaemon is indeed included in the CWB packs. Tested with Classic WB 68k recently.

ami.junki 07 January 2014 06:08

Thanks guys, I will have a look again and see if I get the dock up and running then.

ami.junki 07 January 2014 06:19

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Tried your advice guys, still getting a strange error.

Bluntman 07 January 2014 15:33

Maybe ToolsDaemon is confused because you're running Scalos instead of Workbench. Scalos has its own ToolsDaemon-style menu system which you can access from the Scalos preferences, so running ToolsDaemon is probably redundant.

ami.junki 08 January 2014 13:03

That`s a good point, I just really want to get the dock of icons I used to have back in the day. I guess AmiDock might be the best option.

mfilos 08 January 2014 15:00

Or you can get a ClassicWB version that doesn't use Scalos like ClassicWB Full and install the ToolsManager dock.
I made a guide about it last year which you can find here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...oolManager.pdf

ami.junki 09 January 2014 18:11

Thanks for the advice mfilos, I am finding that I really like Scalos now, there are lot of things that I don`t want to lose so I think I will just have to end up using AmiDock in the end.

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