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CodyJarrett 26 June 2013 21:48

Civilization - The Challenge II
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Following the successful conclusion of the Lost Vikings challenge I thought that I'd try another one.

Here's a Civilization ECS savestate and ini files for Maptapper.

"Civilization Graphics I" shows some graphics with a few tiles.

"Civilization Graphics II" shows what looks like the map tiles.

"Civilization Graphics III" shows the unit graphics.

However, I can't work out how to properly display the map tiles. It might also be that there are two layers.

Joe Maroni 27 June 2013 06:21

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yeah..there are two layers....

use your savestate and use this:

32*16 tile size
4 bitplanes
160 bytes skip

colors are still corrupt....:(

clenched 04 December 2013 10:34

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No success at all trying to map this game in typical Maptapper fashion. The memory can be hacked to show the whole map though. ( The map cheat described on HOL didn't work for me using SPS disks. )

Large picture is "EARTH" map made by pasting together screen captures. Unfortunately a full box capture won't align perfectly so it is necessary to scroll a little less than the box size before the next capture.

Making the exact same selections for a new game draws a different map each time so I don't know how useful it would be for HOL maps. However, the F10 built-in map will show a full map so it may be of some use playing.

It needs to be discovered if the map cheat can be made to work or else the game code will need changing.

Mallagan 23 March 2016 17:18


Really glad to see that someone actually takes an interest in coding stuff in this game, since I ran into a problem today, in Civ AGA. I wonder if anyone would be able to help out. My map got corrupted. When I open the world map with F10 it shows "romans", something in black pixels on the map, and when I look at those areas on the real map, it shows fragments from the espionage image. Is this a known bug, or corruption? would anyone be able to help me with this? I do have save files from when it happened and 12 turns before it happened. Actually I have from more steps than that, but... yeah xD

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