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spooner 14 July 2002 19:18

hard drive question
hi guys....

ive just stripped down my recently resurrected (dug out of storage after 7 years) a1200 and noticed it is fitted with an 85mb Seagate 2.5" drive.

i have lying around a 2.5" IBM travelstar 6.4gb from a dead laptop, can i fit this to the amiga?

also, the IBM drive is partitioned and formatted to NTFS, is this going to be a prob? can the amiga see upto 6.4gb? can i perform a "low level" format type operation on the amiga?

sorry for the newbiedom.... but when i used to use my amiga, i knew virtually nothing about the amigas hardware & OS, just enough to play games and run apps. however, 12 yrs later, and several years of PC hardware/software support later....... im looking back at the old days with a different light.... hehe.


Syko 14 July 2002 22:52

The drive should fit in fine, but the Amiga can only handle 4.3GB volumes. best way AFAIK, is to make two 2GB partitions at the start of the disk and leave it at that.

with extra H/W and TD64 you can use the whole drive, but I presume you want to keep it in the original case....

spooner 15 July 2002 00:33

well 4.3gb is better than 0.085gb!...

thanks dude...

Akira 15 July 2002 01:57

Can't you use the full 6+ GB and maye, like 4 partitions?

I just have a 1giger :)

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