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clueless 04 July 2010 00:23

swos penalty shootout madness
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It was getting a bit weird at 20-20, so i grabbed my camera to see how far it would go...

Graham Humphrey 04 July 2010 00:25

Ridiculous! Absurd! Totally unrealistic! What happened here...?

England winning a penalty shootout? :laughing

prowler 04 July 2010 00:30

It must be the new, envigorated, determined, younger, post-2010-World-Cup England side we've been promised! :laughing

Edit: No, wait. They should be able to beat Spain without a penalty shoot-out , surely? ;)

fitzsteve 04 July 2010 00:41

You took a pic after each one right?

That needs to be made into an animated avatar :D

clueless 04 July 2010 00:49

lol, im afraid not. Actually took breaks and kept going back to it, it did get slightly repetitive!

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