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viddi 23 February 2007 22:38

An evening with Desert Racing
Well, I bought it nearly a year ago but had no time for a real test ride.

I hope it´s not too slow on my 060! Will check out the update after Amiga finished full installation.

Wish me luck ;)

Graham Humphrey 23 February 2007 22:41

You'll need it mate! I got about 10fps on my 040/33, that after reducing the detail etc. It was "playable" (in the loosest possible sense).

viddi 23 February 2007 22:41

Did you use the update files?

Graham Humphrey 23 February 2007 22:43

I bought it in the summer.... judging by the dates on the files it was already updated on the CD.

viddi 23 February 2007 22:46

Yes, should be...


Graham Humphrey 25 February 2007 12:24

@viddi: How did you get on with the game?

kriz 25 February 2007 12:38

There are some updates to the game, check with Andreas..

AMIGAZ 25 February 2007 12:43


Originally Posted by kriz
There are some updates to the game, check with Andreas..

really? I know there was an update but it only made the game run marginally faster after that I gave up on that game...it ran in 5fps on my A4000 with CyberstormPPC

kriz 25 February 2007 12:58

Ok, I may be wrong.. Lets see if Andreas will check the post :)

Zetr0 25 February 2007 13:04

is it me, or do those cars look like there floating?

viddi 25 February 2007 15:57

Well, I tried to get out the best of Desert Racing.
Adjusting the camera, finding a compromise between details and speed, ...

Best result is 13 fps :( (with patch)
(I don´t want to play via WinUAE)

I don´t understand it. I tried a playable demo of 2000 and it´s much faster!

Could it be that the AGA version is faster than the RTG executable?

After all I decided to try it again using the cockpit view.

AMIGAZ 25 February 2007 18:48

It would be sad to remember this as the game than ran to slow to be playable :(

viddi 25 February 2007 18:50

Ralf Schmidt should update it again.
20 fps are possible on 060, I think!

Graham Humphrey 25 February 2007 23:23

I think even if you could get it to run quickly there'd be no point playing it as it's one of the worst designed and programmed games I've ever seen. It's a total rip-off to be honest.

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