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andreas 20 October 2001 16:24

Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road
Hi again,

good things always come in threes, so here's the third one causing problems for a longer time.
This is actually some issue especially for Toni.
If you make this game work, you'll be the first in the whole world of emulators.

I'm talking about Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road. Everybody has presumedly one and the same crack (PARADOX), either with or without trainer.
What's the problem that WinUAE always stops at track #33?
(if Slow Mem is enabled, it even gurus when accessing #33)

NB: Other (non-PARADOX) cracks wanted too, as far as they exist. :)

Drake1009 20 October 2001 16:30

1 Attachment(s)
I've managed to make my version run fine on Winfellow.

Here's a snapshot to prove it, I know it hasn't got the title bar, but it's taken from a CD I've put together myself where I tested every single game and took snapshots so I'm fairly sure this screenshot is authentic.

Not quite sure if it's the Paradox crack, but if it was the paradox version which had an animation of a devil and an angel doing...well you know if you've seen it, then it's that version

andreas 20 October 2001 16:31

Could you upload it?
(please check CRC first!
- untrained PARADOX version: 2510f2f8
- trained PARADOX version: 2af5f1f6)

If your disk matches with the above CRCs, you don't need to upload it.

Ian 20 October 2001 16:31

No problem's here, when it stops on track 33 just press fire (Update: You don't even have to press fire). (Using the Paradox crack with the Angel and no trainer)

Just a normal A500 config does the trick, I used slow-mem when taking the picture and it caused me no problems.

I remember helping someone with this ages ago at AEN, it's been working at least since 0.8.14r*.

It worked on 0.8.8r8 aswell although the screen did move about a lot though making it annoying to play.

Drake1009 20 October 2001 16:36

Ok I'll upload my version in a sec though I think it's the version so many others have too.

Somehow my CD drive isn't too happy about reading when the other one's burning.

andreas 20 October 2001 16:38


IT WORKS! :bounce

Thanks very much for this hint! :)
BUT:It only works with the untrained version.
But it works!

Ian 20 October 2001 16:44

I have just tested it in all the versions I have (And use) 0.8.17r2, 0.8.14r3 and 0.8.8r9 and it works in all of them.

Can you upload the trainer version to the zone please Andreas, I don't have that version:)

Drake1009 20 October 2001 16:48

I just finished uploading my version Andreas, just in case you wanted to try that version, though it seems it works fine with the version you have.

andreas 20 October 2001 16:53

yes, it's the same version (CRC 2510f2f8).
Well, you can save yourself a lot of "uploading trouble" if you check the CRC first! :) That's why I've posted them here.
If you don't know an easy way, I can tell you about one. :)

@Ian: YES!

Ian 20 October 2001 16:56

Thanks Andreas:great

andreas 20 October 2001 16:57

Now let's see if you can THIS to work :);)

Toni Wilen 20 October 2001 17:02

This is old known problem, I debugged it about 1.5 years ago..

This game contains some very strange code (self-modifying code, trace mode tricks, etc). This was probably meant to make cracking harder.

Unfortunately game expects 68000 instruction prefetch cache to work slightly differently than UAE's emulation. There are plans to use mame's 68k prefetch code but Bernd haven't tried it yet. (No, I don't want to mess with CPU emulation code..)

It is strange that only the trained version has this code...

andreas 20 October 2001 20:29

No, it's NOT strange. :)
This version is actually a fixed version by Galahad of Fairlight, making it work on the A1200 too (it didn't before).
Look at the text displayed after booting the "untrained" version :)

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