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Retro1234 12 November 2016 15:29

Super Mario Wip
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Ever since I was a kid ive wanted Mario on the Amiga but I dont think im ever going to have the time to finish this, so heres a 1 level Demo I made.

1mb Chip 68000
Fire button to Run or Fire.
theres no Game Over sequence so when you die the Demo just exits plus probably 100 bugs ive left in there.

If anyone can make me a Video that be great :).
Hope you like it.

DamienD 12 November 2016 17:10

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Nice one Retro1234 :great



Attached is a bootable .ADF for anyone that wants it ;)

dlfrsilver 12 November 2016 17:52

very interesting !!!

s2325 12 November 2016 19:23

on YouTube (gameplay at 1:31):


Amigajay 12 November 2016 19:27

Looks fairly decent, good job with the gfx,, though shame the jump is way too floaty.

Retro1234 12 November 2016 21:11

Thanks guys and Nice one to you DamienD for the the Adf and thanks s2325 for the Video:great

I should say a big thanks to http://www.mariouniverse.com for the graphics I would maybe of liked to get level 1 into 16 colour but for me was to hard.

I might add the odd level here and there I have the ideas in my head but getting them done is another matter I may add the odd level here and there over time but may not and improve the jump - overall somthing like SMB2 on the MegaDrive is the feel I want.

s2325 12 November 2016 21:16

This is not my video, someone else is following this thread.

Steril707 13 November 2016 13:37

Cool project..

Just work a little bit on the animation timing and the jumps floatyness, and this looks like a real gem in the making... :)

Kitty 17 November 2016 22:37

Is the source included?

Joe Maroni 19 November 2016 14:03

coded in AMOS ?

s2325 19 November 2016 14:16

2 new videos:

Retro1234 19 November 2016 17:37


Originally Posted by Joe Maroni (Post 1123473)
coded in AMOS ?

What do you think - Have you ever seen endless Hardware map scrolling in Amos?

Joe Maroni 19 November 2016 17:57

I don't have experience with AMOS but had a quick look inside the memory.
First thing i noticed were the custom tile format of 20x16 pixel. Very strange.
Also several strings contain "AMOS" in memory...all this made me thought it is written in AMOS

Gesendet von meinem SM-J500FN mit Tapatalk

Retro1234 19 November 2016 18:02

Interesting all my tiles are max 16x16 for now so the 20x16 must be a quirk of Amos.

Predseda 19 November 2016 18:08

Be aware! Remember the fate of Great Giana and Smurf rescue.

Retro1234 19 November 2016 18:12

I can only assume if there is a problem it is because of someone:blased in the Amiga Community - Long live Amiga

O and this is a Fan game anything Mario related is copyright Nintendo and I will not be makeing any money from this etc etc.

Predseda 19 November 2016 18:20

Ask hipoonoos for his experience :-(

Retro1234 19 November 2016 18:22

Ive asked hipoonoos for the name of the person he thinks is responsible but he wouodnt say :-(

ReadOnlyCat 19 November 2016 21:11


Originally Posted by Retro1234 (Post 1123537)
Ive asked hipoonoos for the name of the person he thinks is responsible but he wouodnt say :-(

What the kitten?

Assuming malice without evidence, just on ungrounded suspicion is horribly unhealthy and toxic. Why exactly do you need a culprit? Content which is published on the Internet is visible to everyone so eventually the word will get out.

Own up to what you do, if you are willing to take the risk, then do it but don't go blaming some hypothetical "leaker" in advance, that is terribly unhealthy.

Aside from that, the image on this thread looks really nice. Sober but good looking. ;)

Anakirob 20 November 2016 08:36

I don't know if this is a valid workaround, but it seems to be the way that other remade games seem to do it. Could you possibly release the binaries on their own, requiring the user to somehow install the missing resources themselves.

Nintendo can copyright the graphics and music, but the code is yours, and I'm not entirely sure that the name Mario can be copyrighted either, as it's a relatively common mans name.

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