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DerekAutista123 08 March 2016 23:01

RedPill - Amiga Game Creator Program

Look this photo and what program is this on Amiga Game Creator??

It's Backbone or other??

Akira 08 March 2016 23:29

Use the search forum.
Don't post "please reply!" after 24 minutes of having posted. Or ever.

Someone please deal with the trollish behavior.

Retro1234 08 March 2016 23:32

If you want to create a Sonic game id recommended the Superfrog Editor by Exl http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=435158#post435158

DerekAutista123 08 March 2016 23:53

Can you please have a download link of Superfrog Editor??

Retro1234 09 March 2016 00:00

I think this link Froggy

DerekAutista123 09 March 2016 00:49

It needs a Superfrog CD32 Data Path!!!
Superfrog CD32 Data Path download link?

Retro1234 09 March 2016 01:06


DerekAutista123 09 March 2016 01:29

How to edit a Superfrog sprite to Sonic the Hedgehog??

Retro1234 09 March 2016 01:38

Paint package? Dpaint, Photoshop? If I have it I can upload the test I did.

DerekAutista123 09 March 2016 20:43

Please tutorial

S0ulA55a551n 09 March 2016 20:48


Originally Posted by DerekAutista123 (Post 1076539)

how about we breath for you and chew your food too

find yourself and stop demanding things

DerekAutista123 11 March 2016 21:08

FROGGY TUTORIAL: How to edit Superfrog sprites to Sonic
Hey Boo Boo, i need your help: How to edit Superfrog sprites to Sonic the Hedgehog on Froggy (Superfrog editor)!!


Akira 11 March 2016 21:31

And why don't you send him a private message?:bash:bash:bash:bash:bash

Retro1234 11 March 2016 22:42


Originally Posted by DerekAutista (Post 1077003)
Hey Boo Boo, i need your help: How to edit Superfrog sprites to Sonic the Hedgehog on Froggy (Superfrog editor)!!

I put my old test in the Zone looking at it now its to slow for sonic.

tolkien 26 September 2016 01:04

News about this Game creator posted on Facebook:

As the RedPill Amiga game creator is getting closer to the alpha state, we will need help from Amiga users. We need people interested in attempting to create a small non-professional game with the tool to test its usability and features. If this is the case, please send us an email to trackerhero@gmail.com

hipoonios 26 September 2016 08:42

Great news! RedPill? Funny name :D

onkelarie 26 September 2016 18:06

nice.. mail sent!

Zener 24 October 2016 19:50


we are looking for people to try RedPill, give feedback and help us to develop it. RedPill is going to be free for all Amiga users. If you are interested please join our group in Facebook.



You can get our pre-alpha build 0.4.2 here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz...nVfVXdDOVJKLVE

A small sample of what can be done with it:

PS: Ok, if you just hate facebook you can post feedback here

Amigajay 24 October 2016 20:25

Looks great guys! I'll have to try this out, looks very promising form the vids! I really hope the interface isn't buggy like backbone to the point it's pretty unusable?!

invent 25 October 2016 01:27

Hi Zener, Great to see the group is now public. :)

Quickly tried it in AmigaForever2016 using the Workbench 3.x but the mouse doesnt work well, that is it seems to stay in the bottom menu area. I'll try a real Amiga soon :)

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