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tainted 15 October 2011 20:52

OS 4 Newbie
Hi All,

I'm a long time Amiga user, I got my A500 for christmas as an impressionable ten year old after using a ZX spectrum, then a 1200 later on.

After the demise of the amiga I moved on to apple and IBM PC clones and eventually became an IT Manager, all the while I never forgot about my miggy....

Sadly my 1200 went the way of the dodo last month so I decided to splurge and decided to build a SAM460ex based OS4.1 system.

Took me ages to get it working properly and about a dozen installs, yes yes, I admit if I had of read the manual first it would have been a help!

Still, I learnt a lot more that way and had much more fun.

So, as I thought I might as well get back into the scene and join up with you chaps who seem to be a very knowledgeable and friendly bunch. I hope I can contribute something to the community.


NovaCoder 16 October 2011 01:52

Hiya and welcome :)

Most of us lot are more into the classic scene around here (eg OS 3.x), if you're more interested in OS4 you're probably better off looking at something like amiga.org

Slayer 16 October 2011 04:26

amiga.org? you are you joking right lol

try amigans.net or even better register at forum.hyperion-entertainment.biz

I haven't got a 460 as of yet but I have a 677 a 733 and a 800 SAM and an X1000 bundle (hence the delay in getting a 460)

glad to have you aboard the modern Amiga train!

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