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Muzer 11 September 2009 20:41

A few questions
Sorry if I start randomly typing in capitals, my keyboard has been messing up recently and TAKES Much hammering of shifT TO SORT Out, sO I Just won't bother (hope that's OK).

1) What exactly are the limitations of the LITE edition? Like, what is missing that is in the normal edition? I have no FastRAM, but I want to see what I will be missing.

2) What, exactly, do you need to install it? The instructions are quite poor for this, I have to say (though I am used to things like that). Would a dd command in Linux suffice? Or would I need something more than that? Do I need workbench 3.X DISKS? Or just images? Or nothing at all?

Thanks a lot!

Muzer 11 September 2009 23:09

I've finally figured it out. However, when I try to install it, when it's reading from the (virtual) disk, it gives loads of cheCKSUM ERRORs, and doesn't copy a single file. Am I missing something?

md5sum of workbench ADFs:

6a9d2d6bdcef35523572b4dddf1fd784 Workbench310.adf
86c1bbfc9abc55762a69570e207509ad Workbench310Extras.adf
49fc786cffd18544b76d72059c9fd9e1 Workbench310Fonts.adf
87d85b40d0dc408a7c800a2085a62bd3 Workbench310Install.adf
f4874c52ce56fd0bd9133b1540a2c892 Workbench310Locale.adf
1f13edb7c85204e687a7c263806af9fd Workbench310Storage.adf

The one that is inserted at the time is Workbench310.adf

(Oh, and I did buy Amiga Forever ages back, but the HDD with it on died (grr...), that being the only thing of worth on it, so I've had to acquire it using *ahem* other means, so that could be the cause of the problem)

EDIT: It actually seems to be checksum errors in the HDD file itself. Have I got the geometry wrong? What should it be set to?

EDIT2: I seem to have resolved it by mounting it in Linux then virtually mounting the FS rather than the image itself. Now hopefully when I unmount the filesystem in Linux the image will have the changes, I believe the affs driver has R/W support. I can't wait till I can dd this image!

Bloodwych 12 September 2009 12:48

LOL! :laughing. That keyboard would have been thrown out the window by now if it were me, but you're obviously a patient person using Linux.

The instructions are quite poor for Mac, UAE and Linux users I admit and are aimed more towards WinUAE. They do however clearly state what you require (Workbench 3.0/1 disk/adf, 3.0/1 ROMS) but are not very newbie friendly.

The thing is, I'm more interested in just working on the packs than writing instructions for different operating systems and emulators.

Hopefully someone with better Linux and UAE knowledge can help if you are still having issues. Or just use AmigaSYS or Amikit:


They probably have better Linux support and instructions.

Muzer 12 September 2009 12:55

As I said, I believe I've managed it :)

I've found out I really need to get more RAM for my Amiga - no games want to run from the workbench if I just set 2MB chipram with nothing else in the emulator (I still haven't received my laptop IDE --> PC IDE adaptor yet).

What I am most glad about is that I'll FINALLY be able to play Worms: DC on a real Amiga!

Oh, and is there something I need to download to open IPF disks in workbench? They all appear as DF0:CAPS and I can't double-click them.

TCD 12 September 2009 12:57


Originally Posted by Muzer (Post 594131)
Oh, and is there something I need to download to open IPF disks in workbench? They all appear as DF0:CAPS and I can't double-click them.

You need the IPF support library : http://www.softpres.org/download
Place it in your WinUAE folder (CAPSImg.dll that is).

Edit : Or the Linux version, which I have no idea how to use ;)

Bloodwych 12 September 2009 13:05


Originally Posted by Muzer (Post 594131)
As I said, I believe I've managed it :)

Nice one, I thought you'd sorted it out but posted anyway just to show I wasn't ignoring you! :D

Worms DC is an awesome game. So many good memories playing that with friends!

Muzer 12 September 2009 13:17

The closest I've got so far IS PLAYInG it on AN Emulator (just nOt tHe SAMe), and playing it on an Amiga with a broken mouse port (ie, not really playing it at all, just staring longingly at the main menu ;p)

I've installed the liBRARy (by putting it in /usr/lib) and configured it (with ldconfig) _ UAE ISN't picking it up. Maybe I need E-UAE? I'll try that.

TCD 12 September 2009 13:20


Originally Posted by Muzer (Post 594141)
Maybe I need E-UAE? I'll try that.

Seems like you need E-UAE for that : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=12866

Muzer 12 September 2009 13:45


I could try compiling it from source; it might need to be linked in.

Muzer 12 September 2009 14:04

That did it :)

Muzer 12 September 2009 14:14

Did you know that it's fully legal to download any of Team17's old Amiga games, even if you don't own them, as long as you do it from http://www.dream17.co.uk/ ? (Team17 gave Dream17 permission to host IPF and cracked ADF images of all their Amiga games, and many CD32 games).

Just in case any of you, like me, like Team17 but don't want to illegally download their games.

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