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MethodGit 09 March 2006 15:45

Anyone working on a real Amiga mags archive?
Similar to the magazine scan/covertape collection World Of Spectrum provide on their FTP, and also to the Zzap!64 store's DVD sets!

As much as we have differing opinions on the quality of each magazine, I just think it would be lovely to have all the pages and all the coverdisks together at one place/on one set each. I know I enjoyed many of the Action/Power/One coverdisks during my Amiga years for example, but (due to family policy over money-saving or space-saving or whatever it was back then) Power was the only mag I regularly bought for many years, having missed out parts of the other two. And even then I didn't get EVERY issue of Power, having not started buying it till Ish 13 (although before then we did get Ish 9 as a one-off at first)!

I know there's amigapower.com, but I was just wondering if there are many more contributors to the scanning/imaging process who could help out too? :)

I wonder if the SPS team get sent many coverdisks/IPFs of coverdisks btw? ;)

Codetapper 10 March 2006 01:57

Have you actually scanned any of your mags for other people to download? The problem with most of these projects is the ones that are so enthusiastic to read the scans often are not prepared to scan what they own, and therefore the scanning ends up being done by only a few people.

I'm sure PeanutUK wouldn't mind if you scanned some of your AP's so he could put them online...

As for SPS images, apart from the fact they are write only, 99% of coverdisks have no protection so ADF's are just as good and are far easier for real Amiga owners to use. But SPS for the protected coverdisks is a good idea imho.

MethodGit 10 March 2006 02:14

Unfortunately I no longer have any Amiga mags in my possession, otherwise I would've probably scanned them ages ago!

I can think of a couple of coverdisks that need SPSing atm - AP2's Kid Gloves, and perhaps that Sensible disk from AP13, since only a bad image seems to exist in the TOSEC!

Galaxy 10 March 2006 03:06

I submitted Kid Gloves (AP2) to SPS and I think they said it was identical the the retail one. There are various other coverdisks that I submitted that have been imaged (eg. some from Amiga Mania, Amiga Action etc). All contained full version games on them.

Peanutuk 15 March 2006 22:52

Maybe you could contribute Issue 0 Codetapper?

Codetapper 15 March 2006 23:21

I said I would be happy to submit issue 0 (all scans are done, slightly bigger than yours, I think 1024 wide) but I asked you in a PM for some other details which you never replied to.

Peanutuk 16 March 2006 02:07

Never got it. Try again.

gizmomelb 16 March 2006 03:17

I was thinking of scanning my magazines and offering them on DVD like Mort does for his 8 bit magazines, but the shear amount of time it takes to (high quality) scan 1 issue means I would probably never have enough time to scan a full magazine run.

Also add to the fact that most Amiga magazines have hard spines instead of staples, and you can end up wrecking your magazine when you try to open it flat on the scanner.

There are still some mags which I may do when I have the time.. mags like the entire 22 issues of CD32 Gamer (all have staples! and I've got all the extras eg: cover CDs which I can archive as well), all early THE ONE issues (including coverdisks), early CU Amiga etc.

Otherwise there are a few publications which I couldn't do complete sets of, as I'm either missing some issues, some coverdisks/posters/whatever, or both.

Also I have the distinct impression that Amiga owners wouldn't be willing to pay (for the time spent scanning, see Mort's page) for a DVD of scans of magazines etc. like the C64 and Spectrum crowd do.

(and then there's still the lack of time problem).

BippyM 16 March 2006 17:39

It is probably worth buying spare copies of mags of ebay (if the price is right) and cutting them up to scan properly...

Worth a proper project I reckon (Though I'm not doing this.. too much on lol)

Codetapper 22 March 2006 22:04

PeanutUK: When are you going to reply to my email! Do you want issue 0 of AP or not?

alexh 22 March 2006 22:33

I would be happy with a site just with coverscans to begin with and a list of what was actually reviewed in the magazine. Then I could look out and buy the issues I wanted.

A small text database was created a while ago and I contributed and it was useful.

Unknown_K 23 March 2006 17:30

Magazines are very cool just for product advertising alone. Last year I spent $60 just for shipping to get a 100+ old MacWorld and MacUser magazines from 1989-1995 and it was worth it. Scanning all those magazines in would be way too much effort.
I would love to have a bunch of Amiga related magazines from the late 1980's to maybe 1993 when Amiga went bust to see all the hardware and software I never heard off.

If you ever get the chance to snag a few old Mags please do so, they are more interesting to read now then they were back when published.

slideyfoot 23 March 2006 23:24

I was just looking through my attic whilst trying to find my box and manual for Lords of Time (finally have the adfs! :great), and found Amiga Action #030 from March 1992 (adverts for Moonstone, Abandoned Places and Ultima VI, which made me smile) - I'm sure I had load more. IIRC, I bought Amiga Power regularly, and as I tend to hoard things, they should still all be there. Of course, the problem would be finding them in amongst all the Beano mags, old toys, bits of furniture etc...;)

I don't have a scanner, though, so kinda moot. :(

thor 24 March 2006 02:34

I found a site that has many PDF scans of "Australian Commodore and Amiga Review":


Galaxy 24 March 2006 03:55


Originally Posted by slideyfoot
I don't have a scanner, though, so kinda moot. :(

Not much of an excuse - you can pick up a 2nd hand scanner for next to nothing these days. (I recently bought a HP3C for AU$1 and have seen a number going for free from our local freecycle group)

slideyfoot 24 March 2006 10:02

Scanners that cheap? Hmm, I may have to take another look, though I've certainly never seen anything that low in price. If I do find anything of note in the attic, it will act as an incentive. :cool

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