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Gordon 25 February 2007 12:50

Overhead racing games
I am a massive fan of over head racing games like ATR, super cars Turbo tracks micro machines., i even class skidmarks. Ive always found these to be more enjoyable than the "behind the car ones".

can anyone recommned me a overhead racing game that is of a F1 style?
And is there any other over head racing fans?

mailman 25 February 2007 12:56

I like such games too. Though I still consider ATR as the best one. Have you tried Super Cars, Overdrive, Turbo Trax?

Gordon 25 February 2007 13:03

Yes i have played them execpt for overdrive, i will look for that.

But i agree with you ATR is my favourite too. The snow tracks were great! Turbo Trax is another fave.

kriz 25 February 2007 13:04

i like it too! I like best; ATR, Overdrive, Max Rally and skidmarks...

I want more aswell, good ones ;)

s2325 25 February 2007 13:07

Try Nitro, Power Drive

StrategyGamer 25 February 2007 13:19

I like Nitro and Micro Machines

Zetr0 25 February 2007 16:50

Indy Heat!!!!

for pure fun and enjoyment (at hurting you friends)
its has to be 3 player carnage.... simple and effective!

Super Cars
this series was sincerly awsome, 2 player crazy ass mayhem!

from the moment you begin to play this its apparent its clearly a classic!. I never got to devote as much time to this game as i should of!

this is tron lightcycle game for 4 players... its hilarious in multiplay!!!!!!!!!!!!
but really lacking in singleplay

Classic games

the passion for this one started in the arcades and is one of my altime favouties! burning rubber as a cop car with twistin' red/bues and sirens blaring! too damn cool

BMX simulator
so many many good memories... and brused ribs from jabby elbows of my bro.. i tihnk he got a fat lip or two... lol had we of been racing real bmx's it would of been less beating on each other methinks LOL

PD game to mention is

Arial Races!
Very much like skidmarks but ins some ways it felt smoother... donno why..
its a fantastic PD game, if only

DamienD 25 February 2007 17:22


Originally Posted by Zetr0
Indy Heat!!!!

You know, I was reading through this thread and thought "nobody has mentioned Indy Heat. What a classic!" and then there you have it ;)

Another cool arcade conversion... Ivan ''Ironman'' Stewart's Super Off Road :great

Retro-Nerd 25 February 2007 18:26

Roadkill is pretty good, smooth and fast controls. But my favourite is still Nitro, followed by Skidmarks.

killergorilla 25 February 2007 20:03

Does anyone actually have ATR as an original? I was just wondering as a 100% copy has still not surfaced for the SPS project and I thought it was quite popular.

BippyM 25 February 2007 20:12

Nitro and supercars 1 & 2 with a hint of roadkill for good measure :D

plasmatron 26 February 2007 12:00

Try WARM UP http://hol.abime.net/1671

F1 GP Circuits http://hol.abime.net/479

StarEye 26 February 2007 12:46

Nobody mentioned Super Grand Prix yet?


I loved that game and can be played by at least three people (possibly more). There's four classes: Formula 1, drag racing (round a track, very hard to turn :p), super bikes and the rather weird (but IMO, the most fun) mixed class. The mixed class lets you drive pretty much anything, a super car, a moped, a buggy, a police car, a tanks (complete with shooting ability) among several more. You also have the "normal classes" among them - but there's only one of each vehicle so you can't have two identical vehicles on the track at the same time.

It's a real fun game, only slightly annoying if one of the players are several rounds behind and you have to complete the race. The tanks or moped, for instance, are very very slow.

Anyone who's not played it already should play it. It's much like Super Sprint, but with a greater variety of vehicles.

s2325 01 March 2007 17:42

Nitro review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3K9lTmELiM

cv643d 01 March 2007 18:42

I am also a massive fan of top down racers! Nitro is an all time favorite, I have finished it lots of times -great pic in the end! :)

I have been trying to get into Super Skidmarks lots of times but it is so hard to steer the car it just bumps from wall to wall or am I playing the wrong version?

StarEye 01 March 2007 19:08

It depends on the car you choose. Formulas are of course super fast, so they're almost impossible to steer. I like the sports cars, or big foots, the speed is just about perfect. The minis are great fun too. It's fantastic in multi player, but the lack of "career mode" prevents it from being equally good in single player.

rsn8887 01 March 2007 20:23

What about Rally Cross Challenge?


Awesome racer, with many cool graphics details, and one of the first Amiga games ever!

Graham Humphrey 01 March 2007 20:26

I quite like Carnage - a single-screen over-head racer, was a budget game if I remember correctly. It's very simple but a lot of fun.

DamienD 01 March 2007 22:54


Originally Posted by rsn8887
What about Rally Cross Challenge?


Awesome racer, with many cool graphics details, and one of the first Amiga games ever!

Never heard of that before, looks cool though :great

gimbal 06 March 2007 20:29

Does it have to be limited to Amiga games?

Otherwise I would add Death Rally to the list! Nice gameplay and fun with weapons. It's a dos game though, so it may be tough to get it to run.

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