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scifi 18 November 2011 06:25

How much should I pay for an Amiga 500 at the moment??
Hello everybody!

I am thinking of buying an Amiga 500 from the market and since I was away from the Amiga scene for a long time, I want to know what is a fair price right now!

Oh.. and I would like to know how much should I spend for an Amiga 1200 too... any suggestions?
Are there certain things that I should be careful about?

Your suggestions and your help will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance! :great


ajk 18 November 2011 07:36

I don't know about Greece in particular, but generally speaking A500s are very cheap, starting from €10, €20 perhaps. Of course the nicer and cleaner the unit is and the more stuff comes with it, the price goes upwards. Untouched units in the original box etc. will be quite rare and therefore cost significantly more.

A1200s are more expensive but not by that much, maybe €50 would be a reasonable price for an average, basic one. Again, if the unit is in particularly nice condition, has extra memory or other stuff, the prices will be higher. Higher end accelerators are very sought after and can cost several hundred euros, but they are most often sold separately from the A1200 itself.

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