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stainy 13 January 2019 03:48

Added some more... MIAs as well..

stainy 08 February 2020 19:57

Added some alternate TV Sports box stuff

box front
box back
box inlay
movie ticket
prod catalog

stainy 03 April 2020 21:30

Any chance these will get updated soon ?

stainy 05 April 2020 21:12

Added box, manual, sheets and disks for Le Passion Radio Micro 2..
Also where did my TV Sports Football stuff go?

stainy 17 May 2020 16:29

Still nothing.
Still.. nothing from me has been uploaded? :/

CodyJarrett 18 May 2020 10:02

I've checked the images on the FTP but they seem to be corrupt. It might be the transfer mode on your FTP client. Can you please re-upload? Thanks!

stainy 18 May 2020 19:27

ok how about now. Made sure they were upped in binary format.

CodyJarrett 19 May 2020 19:06

Thanks, the first batch is up!


stainy 20 July 2020 00:12

Added some more. the the 'new' dir

stainy 01 August 2020 18:09

Have these been done Cody? I still don`t see my TV Sports Football stuff on there..

stainy 18 September 2020 15:36

Bump... My alternate TV sports box etc still not added. Discovery 2.0 disk, Cybernoid alternate box.

I got some MIA Microillusions stuff coming soon.

CodyJarrett 23 September 2020 18:46

Thanks stainy, I'm on it.

stainy 23 September 2020 21:34

My two MIA microillusions things should be here by the end of the week :) You`ll need to create another addon entry for Discovery :)

stainy 25 September 2020 23:01

Uploaded to the 'new' directory.
Box front, back and disk scans of Discovery Addons
( better scans ) Social Studies
Science Expansion
Geography Expansion
Language Expansion ( MIA )

stainy 29 September 2020 20:29

Faery Tale Adventure : Box cover art by Ed Kline

stainy 08 October 2020 14:29

Any idea when my stuff will be added? new stuff and MIAs..

stainy 01 November 2020 22:21

It`s been over a month.. can I ask why my stuff hasn`t been added. If you simply have too much stuff and too little personal then I would like to help adding contributions. If there`s a problem with my uploads then let me know :)

DrBong 09 November 2020 13:39

Your contributions are much-appreciated mate! :cool Unfortunately, we're all a bit under the pump currently on the HOL team....with the trying (work) year coming towards a grinding close, Christmas within peekaboo distance, COVID-19 lockdowns occurring again in the UK and elsewhere, Cody adapting/fixing code for a month to facilitate the recent HOL server migration, Cody's recent nuptials and return from overseas and, last but not least, the current log of HOL bugreports that are understandably consuming his attention.

I'm sure Cody will get to your contributions as soon as he can (or myself/someone else if he can't process any contributions right now), but I'm certain we have contributions prior to your ones that still need processing. Many thanks for your offer, but the the few of us currently active on the HOL team are a bit flat-out to show the ropes to anyone new at this late stage of the year. We need to focus on uncovering/fixing the bugs that have resulted from the recent HOL migration right now, but we'll keep you in mind as a super contributor for the new year. Thanks again and please bump this thread again next month if there hasn't been any progress.....

stainy 09 November 2020 22:34

Right oh.. no worries... I can understand that.. :) sorry for sounding like an impatient twit!

CodyJarrett 25 November 2020 21:12

Thanks stainy, I've processed another batch.

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