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liquidsmoke 29 October 2019 19:38

Should no click programs be 100% silent?
im using anti click at the moment, but this applies to other programs aswell.

should they make the drive click 100% silent, or will there always be a very quiet click (like a clock ticking) ?

Samurai_Crow 29 October 2019 19:54

If the no-click utility doesn't work, quit using it. The no-click can damage the drive in such a situation.

Predseda 29 October 2019 20:00

My no click also ticks quietly.

gulliver 29 October 2019 20:12


Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow (Post 1355073)
If the no-click utility doesn't work, quit using it. The no-click can damage the drive in such a situation.

We had a discussion with Thomas about implementing it in AmigaOS, but he found the exact same thing could happen. And there is no way from software to easily tell apart when will it work or when will it damage damage floppies. So the conservative and safe approach prevailed. So no no-click for the OS.

robinsonb5 29 October 2019 20:34

The click is caused by software stepping the drive head, which causes the drive to update the diskchange signal. No-click software works by asking the drive to step the head beyond its normal range. Many drives will ignore such a request (but still update the diskchange signal), and will thus be silent. Other drives will attempt to step anyway, making the softer ticking sound, and potentially causing damage in the process. So if your drive makes any sound at all when no-click is in use, stop using it.

liquidsmoke 29 October 2019 20:47

so, if i cant use noclick because it causes a faint 'tick' sound on my official a1200 and external drives, how do i get rid of the annoying sound the drive makes?

tero 29 October 2019 21:27

Just put a disk into the drive(s).
I like the sound, but sometimes i do this to silent the drive.

liquidsmoke 29 October 2019 21:30

thats a bit jank

is there a utility that can disable the drive completely until i want to use it?

(i know i could pull the cables out the back of the drive but thats inconvenient)

daxb 30 October 2019 13:01

Maybe a hardware power switch works for you.

Daedalus 30 October 2019 13:37

Bear in mind that the no-click function only works when the drive heads are at track 0. So, even in drives that do support no-click operation, you'll still get up to 80 of the clicks (depending on where the heads were last used) as the heads are slowly moved to track 0, one step at a time. Only when it trips the track 0 sensor will the clicking stop.

Unkown 03 November 2019 10:13

I remember using no click and yeah it was silent for me because as much as i do love the amiga i hated that bloody floppy noise with a passion... ;)

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