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PeterK 20 March 2019 19:59

They want me to starve, need your support
Usually, I don't like publicity or to ask anybody to help me solving my private problems, but this time it seems to be impossible for me to get out of a deadlock situation. Therefore I need some support now.

On February the 26'th the German Postbank has started blocking my giro and my securities accounts completely and has rejected all debit entries from my food delivery service, internet, telephone and electricity providers and my facility management, although there was still a sufficient credit balance for these payments. I'm also not able anymore to sell some of my investment shares in order to transfer that money to my giro account, which I need to do from time to time to increase the credit balance for my monthly living expences.

I stopped working when I got serious ill end of 1998 and also had no other income anymore in the last ~10 years, just living from my own savings and stock investments and not from welfare. I don't want to ask you for money, because there is still enough left, but I have no access to it at the moment and no cash to buy food like pizza or gyros either.

I've already sent two messages to the Postbank and got their acknowledgements of receipt, but they didn't unlock my accounts yet or payed the debit entries. Thus I can not order any food online again and I've nothing to eat anymore now, 4 weeks after the last delivery. Due to my diseases I didn't leave my apartment in the last years and I feel slowly getting weak now. Today, the internet provider has switched off my DSL connection, because they didn't get payed.

I think the Postbank wants to blackmail some payment of ransom for the German radio and TV fees requested by the GEZ, which I always refused to pay in the past and will neither do in the future as long as I live. So they decided to withdrawal the basis of my existence and are forcing me to starve. I've never ordered or subcribed the public German radio or TV, nor do I want to pay for far too many TV channels, radio stations, lots of useless stupid entertainment, their internet websites, social media presence, orchestras or their very expansive pensions which already eat up 60 % of the fees (in total 8 billion € a year). But do they have the right to punish me with the death penalty? The slogan of the Postbank is "bank for living", but I would say they should call it: "Postbank, bank for dying"!

So, what you can do to help me is to send an email to
---------------> direkt@postbank.de
with the subject "Ticket ID 15349902"
and let them know that they can not play with my life in the dark anymore, because you have read my message here and will watch the process. Please ask them to stop blocking my accounts and to pay the cancelled debit entries immidiately, most important my food supplier and internet provider.

Please don't be agressive or offending in your email, because that could trigger spam filters. And don't offer them any money for their blackmail. Thank you !!

I will report back what happens as long as I still have some very limited free volume to access the internet via UMTS. Don't start discussions about the requested fees. If you have a different opinion then simply don't care about me. I won't comment that anyway.

amigasith 20 March 2019 20:28

OMG Peter :shocked

Can you please post your real address here or send it to someone via PM so that somebody can bring you some food?

EDIT: I sent an email to Postbank.

indigolemon 20 March 2019 23:18

Peter, this is - to me - an unbelievable situation. I cannot fathom that this can happen in this day and age. I sincerely hope the situation is resolved soon - and have sent an email as requested.

As above, I hope someone local can get food to you if nothing else!

daxb 21 March 2019 00:25

Maybe you want to start a petition to reach more people and therefore generate more pressure. E.g. https://www.change.org/ Email sent with hope it will help.

gulliver 21 March 2019 02:38

So unfair, it boils my blood. :mad

I already sent them an email.

LongLifeA1200 21 March 2019 03:32

Holy s... this needs to be on the news! Never heard of this GEZ business before.

Talk to your neighbors, they surely won't let you starve!

They're treating you like a criminal, for not paying for TV you don't watch.

Steffest 21 March 2019 05:23

Well ... According this this article https://www.thelocal.de/20180718/com...op-court-rules it's compulsory for every household in Germany to pay a monthly fee for public Television.

Is that fair? Probably not
But it seems to be the law in Germany so ...

Laws can be changed of course, so maybe talk to your local politician?
Or if you're very determined you could start legal steps (a valid way to try to overturn unfair laws)

But just acting like this law doesn't exists will get you nowhere and will indeed eventually get your accounts frozen if you refuse to pay...

Peter, you clearly are a brilliant guy with principles.
Don't be stubborn about this. I have been in a similar situation with some stupid phone bills I did not had/want to pay. Big structures like public TV or phone companies don't care about individuals: they will just send reminders and debt collectors and lawyers and lock your assets until they retrieve what is legally theirs to take.

Just pay up, clear the path again and find some other way to make your point to them.

nobody 21 March 2019 07:35

You have to be very careful with these laws, it happens here too, if you are too much an activist and refuse to pay these ridiculous bills they block your accounts and take all your money. Better pay and have no hassle with them. You cannot win against the state that's for sure.

PeterK 21 March 2019 13:57

Wow, fantastic, someone has sent me the police this morning. That's exactly what I always wanted. Thank you!

Please don't send any emails or PMs, because downloading them or opening other web pages reduces my very limited free UMTS volume even more, and I still need that for getting access to internet banking page of the Postbank.

gulliver 21 March 2019 14:06

I am happy that it is woking out for you.

Take care, and let us know how it goes. :)

mr.vince 21 March 2019 15:54


Originally Posted by PeterK (Post 1312378)
Wow, fantastic, someone has sent me the police this morning. That's exactly what I always wanted. Thank you!

They have the power to inform other authorities plus they can recommend more entities that can help and prevent you from starving so that was a logical move, don't you think?

Step 1 is to ensure your physical integrity. Step 2 could be helping you with the bank. This is a public forum and your threat to die from starvation required immediate action.

Anubis 21 March 2019 17:56

Not sure how to help you, if you don't help yourself. Usually in things like this best bet would be to contact local TV station and make things publicly know, but you can't do that, can you?

BTW, I have the same feeling about IRS (internal revenue services), but guess what would happen if I don't pay them every check... :)

Here in states we actually have to volunteer to pay NPR just to keep it running and afloat, due to politician wanting to kill station that tells how really things are screwed up...

Good luck with your struggle... best luck with health struggle as well.

AMIGASYSTEM 21 March 2019 21:45

Hello Peter, I am very sorry, strange that a country like Germany that is very ahead face these things.
Of course, paying for State TV is a problem for many States, in Italy since 2016 have found a way to make everyone pay, the tax has been minimally reacted in 10 months and added to the Electricity Bill.

I hope that everything will especially resolve your health, good luck.

malko 21 March 2019 21:53

In CH, since 01.01.2019, as soon as you own a smartphone you are due for the TV/radio tax.
I hope that a positive solution will be found to your situation.

Daedalus 21 March 2019 22:35

Yeah, in Ireland it's the similar - if you have any device capable of viewing TV images (so, a TV, computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) then you're required to pay for a TV licence. I'm sorry to hear that too Peter, and I hope you manage to get it all sorted out.

daxb 22 March 2019 11:55


Originally Posted by Daedalus (Post 1312453)
Yeah, in Ireland it's the similar - if you have any device capable of viewing TV images (so, a TV, computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) then you're required to pay for a TV licence.

That was also the case in Germany. Some years ago they changed it to each household has to pay for TV/Radio independent of owning a capable device or not. So you have to pay for it even if you don't use it. It's more ore less a tax now. IMHO the main problem is that it's much to expensive because of many broadcaster (more then 60 I think) and wasted money for the "bosses" and expensive sport live transmissions, stupid entertaining shows, crime movies/series, cook and whatever shows. Quality stuff is below 1%. Of course nearly nobody wants to pay for that (waste).

malko 22 March 2019 12:57


Originally Posted by daxb (Post 1312513)
[...] Some years ago they changed it to each household has to pay for TV/Radio independent of owning a capable device or not. [...]

It's like giving money to the store at the cash register without taking any products on your shopping cart :nuts :rolleyes .

daxb 22 March 2019 18:47

Not really. If they would deliver good quality to the citizens then the money is a good investment. We need independent well-researched information. Not bread and games, propaganda and fake news.

PeterK 22 March 2019 21:25

No changes yet, my accounts are still locked.

Please don't try to send any food. I won't eat it as long as my accounts are blocked. My nephew has also offered me to do that.

Nevertheless, many thanks to all of you who are trying to support me. :)

Btw, they call it "Free TV", but it's neither free nor independent.

malko 22 March 2019 23:29

Putting your life in danger for a TV you don't watch is not worth the cost. Please @PeterK, try to find another road for your fight...

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