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AmigaNG 27 January 2003 15:42

Under Cover 2d platformer
My Under Cover game is finally online for the Amiga!,

made in backbone, this is a 2d platformer based on flashback gfx, enjoy (i hope) :confused

PS: it dose have a few minor faluts and errors. :nervous Sorry

Rebel-CD32 18 August 2007 18:11

I downloaded this tonight, and I really enjoyed it. You've got a nice story going, and your level design is great. I love your use of cut scenes. I got up to the part where you rescue the fat guy, and then he gets shot, but I was killed by one of the dog aliens later in that level.

I've used Backbone a lot myself, and I understand the limitations of the program. It's a great program, if only it had all the bugs ironed out and actually finished.

I don't know if you still post here, but at least bumping this old thread (I only found it tonight during a "Backbone" search) might let a few more people see your game who might have missed it the first time.

s2325 18 August 2007 19:31

someone have xec.library?

Ironclaw 18 August 2007 19:32


Originally Posted by s2325 (Post 351635)
someone have xec.library?

Checked aminet?

s2325 18 August 2007 19:35

yes, I can not find it, I have same error as here

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