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Akira 17 August 2015 20:40

FT: MAc Quadra 610 with Houdini 486DX card and more
I got this machine as an impulse buy and now realize I can't be bothered to get it to a usable state. It takes a bunch of space and my wife will kill me so it has to go so here it is offered for sale or trade.

It's a Mac Quadra 610 with 48MB of RAM from what I have counted (has a RAM doubler board on one of the sockets so maybe it has more) in working condition, can run System 8.1. It has an 040 apparently clocked at 25Mhz. Comes with floppy and CD-ROM unit (unknown speed, I am guessing 2X or 1X)
The unit has NO hard drive, NO keyboard and NO mouse. You have to provide those yourself. You also need an Apple monitor or an adapter to connect to a VGA monitor.

It DOES come with some extras, like 3 NIC cards (NuBus) one of them boxed, an Appletalk ethernet transceiver, and the HOUDINI 486DX board which turns your Mac into a PC compatible unit, perfect for running DOS games and such. Seems like a nifty little peripheral. It came with no RAM though and unfortunately II don't have any lying about otherwise I'd give it to you.

Also has 4 CD caddies (the CD-ROM unit needs them this is why I am guessing it's a 1X or 2X unit like the Apple CD300)

Tech data:

Here are some photos:

Due to the weight of this I am thinking of a US only sale as shipping will cost a bunch, but I can split and sell the little bits separately if asked and that could be shipped abroad I guess.

I want for the whole lot: TRADE + shipping
I trade for nothing as BIG or heavy as this thing. I'm always interested in Commodore 64/128, Amiga 600 and 1200 peripherals and Sega/Nintendo/Xbox 360 console stuff. Maybe some PCMCIA devices like floppy disk drives, for my Toshiba Libretto, would be good too. I also am interested in music equipment (effect units, rack mount units, effect processors, etc).

DON'T BE SHY. Priority #1 here is for me to get rid of this thing, so make your offer, all offers considered.

If you are near the area (Boston, MA, USA) you can of course pick up locally.

[edit] posted on Amibay too

jbenam 18 August 2015 13:19

Damn, I'd love to get this but I suppose that shipping to the UK will be killer for the entire bundle?

Worth checking it anyway as it just looks too juicy for me :D Could you please provide me with a quote, Akira? Cheers :D

Akira 18 August 2015 15:57

Hey mate!
Well, I don't have an exact weight for this and I don't have a scale yet at home, but it's heavy, so comparatively I calculate the thing weighs like 20kg (it's heavier than my 1084 monitor!!), and I got a quick quote for that and the cheapest was $158.86 :(

jbenam 18 August 2015 18:29

Hey mate, thanks for the reply!

Thought as much, old computers were real bricks. That's a real shame. I'd have loved to grab all this sweet loot and enter the Mac 68k world with such a good head start!

I hope it'll go to a good house! :D

Akira 18 August 2015 18:41

Yeh it's a great startup machine if you are willing to put the little extra effort necessary to get it rolling. Honestly, I can't be bothered more and more every day with this old computer lark :D The 486 board is a great addition too, to play nice games like Doom :D

Anyway, if anyone is interested, as I said, let me know and make me just any offer. I'll pretty much take anything for it. How about a pack of dark chocolate McVitties? :P

Akira 20 August 2015 20:56

Changed thread to reflect I rather trade this than sell.

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