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NovaCoder 20 March 2013 02:50

Quake 2 ported to AGA

Amiga AGA port based on Yamagi Quake II v5.10.

Yamagi Quake II is an enhanced client for id Software's Quake II.
The main focus is an unchanged single player experience like back in 1997, thus the gameplay and the graphics are unaltered.
Over 1000 bugs were fixed and an extensive code audit done, making Yamagi Quake II one of the most solid Quake II implementations available.
Other than most ports Yamagi Quake II is full 64 bit clean, so it works perfectly on modern 64 bit processors and operating systems.
Yamagi Quake II is supported on FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows (XP or higher) and AmigaOS 3!


1) An AGA Amiga (PAL only)
2) A very fast 68060 processor (100+ MIPS!)
3) 64MB of FASTRAM
4) The original game or demo
5) AHI Installed

And now a video -> AmiQuake 2 AGA

I ported this because I wanted to be able to play Quake 2 on my 1200 and also because I wanted to show how capable AGA can be when powered by a fast 68k processor.

Please note the requirements above, this game is just about playable on my 80Mhz 060, don't expect it to be in any way playable on a stock 50Mhz 060 :guru

This is probably the most demanding AGA port ever, you have been warned :lol

I'm now working on bringing DXX to AGA :great

alenppc 20 March 2013 16:41

Wow this is stunning... Well done!
We so badly need a new batch of 68060 accelerators produced... I can't afford to pay 500 euros for a B1260 :)

fitzsteve 20 March 2013 17:04

Actually, it's just about playable on my 50mhz CSMkIII :crazy


Oh and it's running from USB via my Deneb, it'll be a tad quicker once I copy the files to the HDD :)

LuMan 20 March 2013 18:47

Wow. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Excellent port, NovaCoder :bowdown

Steve's version may be a tad slower on his CSMkIII, but his groovy dinosaur wallpaper more than makes up for it :laughing

lesta_smsc 20 March 2013 19:39

Great work NovaCoder... I kind of game up with trying to fund the accelerators, so ended up paying less for a PC that would run these perfectly lol (sorry for cheating! :P)

Reynolds 21 March 2013 00:16


NovaCoder 21 March 2013 00:32

Just done a new version (1.01) that fixes the screen resizing issue and is also slightly quicker.

New video coming soon :)

tolkien 21 March 2013 01:11

What a good job! We need more people like you NovaCoder!

NovaCoder 21 March 2013 04:55

New version released v1.01 to AmiNet.

Fixes the bug with using the +/- keys to resize the screen and also improves speed :)

v1.01 AmiQuake2


nikos.rizos 21 March 2013 11:42

Awesome work there mate!

stachu100 21 March 2013 15:39

Thanks a lot for your effort!
I will definitely try on my 060@66MHz knowing that it can be just fast slideshow. ;-)

psygnosis 23 March 2013 01:07


Photon 23 March 2013 01:50

Cool, seeing as the performance limit of 68K is known and can't be altered, will there be an attempt at improving the speed further? I'd love to try this on my 80Mhz and show it to others!

NovaCoder 23 March 2013 13:02

Yes I still have a couple of ideas to try, haven't called it a day yet.

Foul 23 March 2013 14:26

WOW :shocked:shocked:shocked

Even in 2013, the amiga always manages to amaze me :bowdown

freon 23 March 2013 21:13

Nice :great

Does the Action quake mod work with it?


Here is direct link to the online game if someone has missed it:


Requires java.

James 24 March 2013 01:40


Originally Posted by freon (Post 877033)
Does the Action quake mod work with it?

Quake 2 mods need to be converted before they can be used on the Amiga. Luckily Action Quake and many others have been, and can be found in this archive:


These are just the binaries, the data files are also needed. But according to the AmiQuake 2 docs only the original game and demo are supported at the moment...

TjLaZer 26 March 2013 04:43

Can you use a RTG card? That would speed it up a bit!

SS454 26 March 2013 09:16


Originally Posted by TjLaZer (Post 877556)
Can you use a RTG card? That would speed it up a bit!

Is that a joke?

CrashMidnick 26 March 2013 12:22

+1 TjLazer !

Moreover, ECS Amiga's with RTG card could play this game :)

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