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cpiac64 19 January 2021 09:09

i have one for sale a 300€ shipment included in Italy

only a1200 like new

jbenam 19 January 2021 09:20

By the way, I have noticed that NES and SNES prices became over-inflated too over the years (reaching 100€ even if they are very common) - that all came to an end when the official SNES mini and NES mini were released. You can now find them complete for 20-30€ each.

Same happened with the C64 - I didn't get one for years since I didn't want to pay one more than 25€. 1541s were going for crazy prices too (up to 100-150€ for a drive!). They all cratered when "The C64" replica came out. I've finally snatched a breadbin C64 + 1541 for the amount of money I wanted :D Most people have switched to the "The C64" because of its ease of use.

I suppose we will see a similar crash in the Amiga market when the Amiga Mini comes out. It seems the "The C64" guys are producing one. Most people will just be content to get one of those and leave the real hardware to the real hardcore aficionados.

I know a lot of people who have bought an A500 + Gotek for crazy amounts of money just to play it a few times then store it again in the cupboard... The Amiga Mini will be perfect for this kind of people and it will free up a bunch of real hardware on the market.

Anyways, just wait, the prices will come down :)

hitm4n 23 January 2021 10:53

If a faulty one can go for £331, whats a working one now. Amazing prices eh...

Mine has a new 4gb SDHD and it'll be prepped and filled with games. It has (when it comes) a Goex replacement floppy drive, an Apollo 1230LC 68030 accelerator with FPU, 4mb fastram, in as new condition with clock working. A second real floppy drive. Joystick and mouse and all pretty decently restored (cleaned case and keys and done some rebuilding). Still has all its original doors and shielding and power supply. Original internal drive will be included and even the external power supply and cd rom drive can be included but i'm not sure about bothering with those. 20 or so floppy disks including workbench originals in superb condition, some utils and games and a demo (Hit Fido) plus about 10 CD originals with Amiga Demos, Fred Fish collections, Mods, all sorts of stuff. I also have extra 44 pin HD cables and the original 9D to 23RGB cable. Using composite to my TV though, don't have anything that can take the 15hz RGB adly so i'm slumming it a bit on picture quality.

Still having a whale of a time restoring it, rebuilding parts of it and playing around with it until its ready to sell. Waiting for that Goex drive to come...

I'm thinking £800 BIN or offers on ScamBay but for a quicker easier sale here i'm open to offers too before it goes on there. A fair price and cover postage within UK. Pics can be provided of course of anything in detail.

lesta_smsc 23 January 2021 10:58

Incredible prices! This is quite sad for those who want to get it on the hobby... May just deter people to go with FPGA alternatives which not only are considerably cheaper but expandable and can switch between Amigas at no extra cost.

@DamienD - long live emulation eh! ;)

ubermick 08 February 2021 17:21

Yeah, I’ve bought two A1200s since my midlife crisis kicked in. First was on amibay in 2013 for something like $200 shipped from Germany (am over in America now.) Sold it because it was just sitting there, but bought another in 2017 for £300 I think, plus another £80 or so shipping. Ended up selling that as well.

Now looking for another one, but no way I’m paying these prices so said bugger it and went FPGA instead. Even so, wanted a more traditional feel, so wanted to find a knackered A600 to make a “mattsoft” build. Bloody untested A600 keyboards going for $200, and broken/ racked cases for $100. It’s lunacy.

But then... as time goes on, they’re just going to get rarer and rarer. Not helping by people hoovering them up for personal collections, either. Saw kipper mention he’s got nine of ‘em personally!

Kin Hell 08 February 2021 20:08


Originally Posted by lesta_smsc (Post 1455973)

long live emulation eh! ;)

It's not the same fella. ;)

lesta_smsc 08 February 2021 20:40


Originally Posted by Kin Hell (Post 1460469)
It's not the same fella. ;)

Well... at the moment I have both my A600 and WinUAE running side my side. Other than the fact I'm using a xbox 360 controller to play, there is no real difference in terms of the visual aspect ;)

I guess a usb competition pro or usb to Amiga joystick adaptor would complete it lol.

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