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Traquer 25 November 2002 21:43

I have a few games and some of them are starting to mess up, i was going to copy them but i don't have any dd disks.
I know you can use the hd disks with tape over the hole, but how long would they last?
Also i can't copy most of the origional games due to copy protection, is there a way to get around this or do i have to learn how to crack them!

fiath 26 November 2002 00:18

Hi there!

Please contact C.A.P.S. - see my sig. We can backup any copy protection, we just supply you will a program, and it allows you to dump your disks. You can then send them to us for evaluation where we can verify they are 100% correct and convert them to a format that will very soon be playable in emulators and can be written back to disk with another tool which is in development.

HD disks are very unreliable as DD disks. This is because they have a much higher signal strength that confuses DD drives. They will work, but maybe for only one read - maybe for many. Not very long term basically. Eventually the write that you DD drive made will be lost.

Anyway, if you need more into just contact one of the addresses on the Contact page of the website.

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